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     An owner's manual for a new camera is an HTML file, 156KB, on the included CD. Is there a way to transfer it to an iPad (or any iOS device) and view it on the iPad rather than a Mac? It would be convenient, when taking pictures. Thanks, in advance.

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    Which camera?


    You can convert it to PDF and use any of the available readers from the store.


    You can convert it via Pages and use the iOS version on the iPad.


    If it is online (which I suspect it is), hit that url via Safari on your iPad.

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         Thanks for your response. It is a Sony DSC-HX100V.  The included CD has the manual in HTML and it's also on the camera. [Yes, on the camera -- pretty neat, but who wants to browse thru it on the camera when trying to take a picture?]


         So, your answers -- I do not know how to convert html to pdf; can you advise?  [I know know nothing of "code."] There is a folder (on the CD) labeled User Guide with sub-folders for various languages -- eng is English and then, under that sub-folder an "index.html" file which opens the entire manual from 10 other sub-folders...apparently chapters in the manual. Each chapter sub-folder has a separate html file -- but when trying to navigate with Finder in the sub-folders only one page comes up at a time; the hyper-linking back and forth between pages only works when starting with the base "index-html" file. Result:  would have to open each page individually and print/save to pdf -- and then try to keep them in order. Dragging into Pages doesn't seem to work and Pages can't simply File | Open see the file as "openable."


         I was able to download and save the manual to a Mac Desktop as a Web Archive file, but I can't figure out how to get this into the iPad. Perhaps save it as a BookMark in Safari and sync bookmarks with Mobile Me? Bookmarking only the url doesn't work because the iPad is not 3G and I need (want) it available in the field. (Besides, AT&T 3G isn't available in the field, either.)


         Thanks for your assistance and further thoughts.

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    Use the print dialog and the PDF button in it to save as PDF.

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    K T, sptrakesh,


         Perhaps I should re-phrase my question -- "How do I view an HTML file with hyper-links on an iPad?"


         If I could make a hardcopy of the manual, as I usually do with camera manuals, it would probably be 60 to 100 pages thick...


         Thanks for your continued thoughts.

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    Do you have a developer/technical question?


    Otherwise, you'll have better luck as a user in the regular iPad forum

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    Thanks; didn't realize that was not where I was.


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    Thank you for the recommendation.

    Do you know if Air Sharing can view an html file with hyperlinks?

    This particular manual has no page numbers nor index....everything gets around by hyperlinks. Neat idea, but proving difficult to me. 

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    That's what the doc says, to verify your case use the 'chat' on the Avatron support page.

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    Thanks, all, for your input....


    I found a solution. I use MobileMe, the predecessor to iCloud. MMe includes iDisk and my iPad has an iDisk icon/app automatically (a version of "it just works.")


    So, I finally thought of simply dragging the camera manual into iDisk on the MacBook. Lo, it appeared in the iPad's iDisk -- and, when I clicked on it, Safari opened -- and the hyperlinks even work. (I haven't been able to figure out how to use it with DropBox, though...)


    So, thanks again.