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I put my playlists in a specific order - why, when my iTouch is synced does it not keep them in that order???  I've read about 'smart playlists' - I'm fairly certain that my playlists are not 'smart' - but I was curious as to how one can tell???

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.2
  • markpb91 Level 1 (35 points)

    I have had this problem for some time.


    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a fix.


    I recommend submitting a bug report to Apple here: bugreport.apple.com.


    Hopefully Apple will fix it promptly because I too am becoming frustrated with this problem.

  • the fiend Level 6 (8,285 points)
    1. A Smart Playlist has a small cog like icon in iTunes. A regular playlist has a a musical note on top of a piece of "sheet-music paper" icon.
    2. If you highlight a Playlist in iTunes and select File, if Edit Smart Playlist is greyed out, then it isn't a Smart Playlist. If you can Edit Smart Playlist, then it is.
    3. You cannot distinguish Smart Playlists from regular Playlists on the iPod Touch, they look the same.
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    If you want Playlists in a specific order, then you need to use regular Playlists, and as you compile the list, the arrow in the left column, showing the sequence number, must be pointing up. That column dictates the order of the songs, so arrange the songs the way you want only when the arrow is pointing upwards.