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Macbook Air randomly stopped tkaing power from the cable and started using battery, even though the power source is connected to socket.


Checked power socket, but that is not the problem (power available for my iPhone).

Checked the cable, the charger to socket as well as the power cord connector to Macbook ... all seem fine (also, keep in mind that I had been working for about 1 hour already with no issues and did not touch or do anything strange to cable ... it just stopped charging).


This leaves me with 2 more possible explanations:

- Software issue

- Hardware issue


I turned the computer off / on to see if re-starting solved the issue, but nothing has changed.


Any ideas as to what might be the issue / what I could do?


Thanks a lot!



PS: it is a work computer, so I left a message to my IT team. But I'm on a business trip +9 time zones away ... so hopefully someone can help me!

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.7)