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My MacBook Pro has been acting a bit odd lately, so before I upgrade to Lion in July I plan to first do a fresh install of Snow Leopard.. In preparation for this, I would like to know how I can export my iTunes Library. I see from within iTunes there is an option to backup to disc, but my library is rather large and I would prefer to have a single file I can backup online rather than 10+ DVDs. If this requires 3rd party software, can someone point me in the direction of what would work best?

iPhone 4, iOS 4, MacBook Pro (5,5) Mac OS X 10.6.7
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    You should always maintain a backup of your primary drive.

    I plan to first do a fresh install of Snow Leopard

    WIth Snow Leopard, you can simply boot from the Install DVD and reinstall over the current system and all your user data will be maintained. You don't need to erase/format first.


    FYI: You can backup iTunes by copying the entire /Music/iTunes/ folder.

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    One way to back up your iTunes library is get yourself some blank DVDs.  From iTunes do a File > Library > Backup to Disk.

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    Would doing that kind of reinstallation solve the issues I've been having? What I'm talking about is general sluggishness, beach balls, kernel panics more often than there should be.

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    Most likely it would fix it. And you would not lose any data/have to set everything up again.

    If it doesn't fix the problems, you can always erase then install.


    Have you tried first booting from your Install DVD, running Disk Utilities, then Repair the disk and Repair permsisions?


    Whatever you do, you should prerform a backup before proceeding.

    Are you running Time Machine?

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    I believe I did that a few months ago when I first noticed the problem but I will try again.

    No, I do not use Time Machine, but I have my important files backed up.