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I am refurbishing my "lamp" (flat panel iMac G4/800) to become the kids' computer.  We've got an Airport Extreme network being used by three newer Macs, Apple TV, iPads, TiVo, etc.  Our internet comes from a cable modem which is hooked up directly to the AEBS.


I'm now aware that the iMac won't take newer Airport cards, and the one it does take is incompatible with the Airport Extreme.


I do have an old "Snow" ABS.  What I'm wondering is if I could set it up somehow as a parallel network or an extension of the network that only the iMac will connect to.  Failing that, is there any way to do such a thing with different hardware?  I'm really attached to the idea of having the iMac as the kids' computer and would be disappointed if there's no wireless way to network it.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
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    The original 802.11b AirPort Card will work with the new AirPorts if the AirPorts are configured with one of the 802.11n Radio Modes that allows backward compatibility with "b" devices. Also this card does not support the AES/CCMP encryption protocol that would be required if you set Wireless Security = WPA2 Personal.


    However, your idea to use the old Snow is a great one! You would just need to attach this base station to one of the available LAN ports on the AEBS, and then, reconfigure it as a bridge. If you want to use WPA2 Personal (I would recommend it) for your 802.11n network, I would then use a different Network Name & Wireless Security type for the Snow's wireless network.

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    Thanks, Tesserax.  I did a little experiment the other day to see if my iMac's Airport card was still working, and had unexpected results.  I attached the Snow ABS to the AEBS via the LAN port, and ran Airport Admin Utility on the iMac.  To my great surprise, when I renamed and reconfigured the Snow, it also renamed and reconfigured the AEBS.  This was unexpected, as I had thought that the old Airport Admin program could not configure the AEBS!


    So I'm a little hesitant to attach to the Snow, then reconfigure, lest I screw up the settings on my AEBS again.  Granted, I didn't specify "bridge mode" when I did that experiment.  Any insight into what happened, and how I can configure the Snow with a different name and WEP security without having those settings applied to the AEBS as well?

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    Hmm, to be honest, I have never come across that issue before.


    One option to try, would be to configure the Snow by directly connecting it to the iMac by Ethernet, and then, use the AirPort Admin Utility to reconfigure it as a bridge.

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    Yep, I'm going to try that.  Now that I know the right key word (bridge mode), I've come across some other discussions about similar setups.  Thanks!

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    Let me know if you would like a "step-by-step" on how to create a "dual-band" network with both AirPorts,

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    I had a question similar to this. I bought an iMac G4 a couple months ago, and I installed an Airport card in it. It worked with our Cisco router we had at the time. We recently bought an Airport Extreme base. As of the purchase date, my iMac hasn't been able to connect to the base. I was wondrring if you had a suggestions.