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I am refurbishing my "lamp" (flat panel iMac G4/800) to become the kids' computer.  We've got an Airport Extreme network being used by three newer Macs, Apple TV, iPads, TiVo, etc.  Our internet comes from a cable modem which is hooked up directly to the AEBS.


I'm now aware that the iMac won't take newer Airport cards, and the one it does take is incompatible with the Airport Extreme.


I do have an old "Snow" ABS.  What I'm wondering is if I could set it up somehow as a parallel network or an extension of the network that only the iMac will connect to.  Failing that, is there any way to do such a thing with different hardware?  I'm really attached to the idea of having the iMac as the kids' computer and would be disappointed if there's no wireless way to network it.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.2.x)