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Hey gang-


I purchased an album two days ago from iTunes on my desktop Mac.    Today I launched iTunes on my iPad 2 and noticed those purchased songs were available from the Downloads tab.   Makes sense- so far so good.


The problem is that no matter how many times I've downloaded those songs to my iPad, the Downloads tab continues to blink with the red number badge and the songs continue to display for download.   I now have three copies of each on my iPad with no end in sight.


Any way to tell iTunes on my iPad "enough already!"    And once I've done that- how to delete the Duplicates from my iPad?





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    I'm having the same problem.  I used iTunes match, it matched every other song in that album and let me download them all, except this song.  It even matched the song, but I can't download it.  It downloads a few times and then says it's corrupted.


    I even tried to buy the single song and I still had the same problem.