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I'm having trouble with placing a background movie in live type.  I encoded a 5 second movie in HDV 1080i60... I've set my project properties to HDV1080i60 and when I place the movie in the background it squeezes it to 4:3.  Am I missing something?  Thanks for any help!



17" MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Is your Live type project 16:9 as well? Or is is 4:3.... If it is 4:3, then yes you are missing something....

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    Your HDV clip is 4x3. its 1440x1080 Final Cut Pro does an anamorphic stretch to make is 16x9. Run your clip through compressor make a prores file (or any video codec you like, such as PhotoJpeg, AIC, whatever) but go to the Geometry room and set your dimensions to 1920x1080 with a 1.0 pixel aspect ration. That should fix your issue. Livetype has all sorts of problems with interpret footage. The application is a legacy app and support is lacks on it.


    For compressor setting look at the attached image


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    Thanks Christina.  I've set my project properties to 1080i60 and encoded my video using compressor and using a Quicktime conversion.  they both output the correct file.  my canvas in LIve Type is set to the 1080i60 but when I place the movie it snaps to what looks like a 4:3 format.


    When I check my project props after placement, the size switches to "custom"  but still retains the 1440 x 1080 width and height.


    Thanks for your quick response to my issue by the way... I 'm still not clear as to what is happening.  I was able to use the "place" options instead of "place background movie"....my canvas stayed at the 16:9 ratio but my video was somewhat narrower.  I used the transform capabilities (the handles on the placed video) of the video and the canvas as a guide and just sized it to the right ratio.


    Hope this isn't too complicated of a reply

    and Thank again for the reply

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    Awesome!  That worked great.  Thank you so much Mikey!  the compressor screen grab was very helpful. I really do appreciate you expertise and for taking the time to help me.




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    Hi John, you should mark the answer as solved to give credit to the appropriate person who helped you AND so persons with similar issues in the future know there was a fix to their issue.

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    Thanks again Christina.  I've checked the "correct answer" for Mikey Bouchereau and wrote him a reply.  Will that do it?  Thanks for your help