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Many of my clients are reporting they are not receiving my pdf attachments from Mail, Mac OS 10.6.7. Most of them use Windows, but are also unable to receive pdf attachments on their Blackberries. Is there a solution?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Also have G5 Quad & G4 PowerBook
  • Eric Ross Level 6 (11,665 points)

    When you send the attachments do you click the "Send Windows-Friendly Attachments"

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    Always. I've just worked with a client on this and it seems when I send a one page pdf, they can't see the attachment. But if I select the pdf and choose "View as Icon" before sendin they receive it. This is a change from previous.

  • etresoft Level 7 (27,813 points)

    "View as Icon" has no effect on the content of the message. It just changes how it displays before you send it. You have to use something like Attachment Tamer to modify the content.


    Here are the standard tricks to get flaky PC e-mail clients to view attachments:

    1) Edit > Attachments > Always insert attachments at end of message

    2) If sending in rich text, try plain text

    3) If sending in plain text, try rich text and change your font

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    I have always added attachments at the end of messages. Clients can always read the content of the email, it's just the pdf doesn't appear to attach. If I flip a one page pdf into a jpg and attach it, they can view it, but cannot the single pdf file. A pdf file containing more than one page doesn't appear to have any difficulties. 

  • etresoft Level 7 (27,813 points)

    It could be some anti virus scanner on the clients or sender's side. If you want, you can a one-page PDF to me at info at etresoft dot com. I have really only seen this happen a couple of times. Usually it is just inadequate clients and unsophisticated recipients.

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    Will send a test file.

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    Hi There...  I am facing a similar issue. I sent a fesh email i RTF & PLAIN TEXT one by one to my Blackberry Torch (Latest OS) with an image file as attachement. When i recived the email on my MBP the atachement was there. But on my BB i could ONLY see the mail NO ATTACHMENT !!!


    Yes..and I have tried with this option "Send Windows-Friendly Attachments" : Checked & UnCheked.


    My clients are getting upset and have started mocking, saying my "Sofiscated APPLE" doesnt work all that well as a WINDOWS PC does.... which is very insulting !



    please HELLLPP  !!!!

  • etresoft Level 7 (27,813 points)

    There is no such thing as Blackberry-friendly e-mail


    For a BlackBerry, all you can do is send plain text messages, never rich text. Make sure that you use Mail > Edit >Always insert attachments at end of message. Never try to send more than one message at a time.


    BlackBerry has serious e-mail bugs. I ran into one the other day where I had to send e-mail to some BlackBerry users. I was writing the e-mail software myself, so I was able to code it to work around the BlackBerry bugs. Apple isn't going to do that. It is pointless to try to get Apple Mail to work with BlackBerry as RIM will be gone in a matter of months.

  • Keith Nichols Level 2 (165 points)

    One of my associates has been getting my pdf e-mail attachments just fine for some time on her Windows machine.  I use Mac OS 10.4.11, and the pdf stuff starts out as two image grabs of a couple of apple .cwk spreadsheets laid on a .cwk word-processor page.  This page is made into a "mail pdf" via the Mac print menu "mail pdf" option.  So the pdf goes via Apple mail.  The oher day, this associate reported that she'd "upgraded" to Windows 7, and my pdf doesn't show up anymore.  She said her IT consultant recommended I resort to "iconizer" software. 


    But I happen to have a gmail account, and she says she can open my pdf just fine if it's attached to a gmail message.


    Also, I note that some folks suggest that attaching the pdf to the end of the Apple mail message improves its accessibility. In my Apple mail messages, I'm able to slide the pdf icon around to any position in the e-mail, so I'm unsure how its accessibility is affected by where it happens to appear in the message. 

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    i had this issue when programatically creating an html email from my server that had a .pdf attachment using MIME (linux server).  every other email client opened the email that i created correctly (including the iphone and ipad email apps), but mac Mail would not...  i was able to fix it by making sure there was a CR (/n) ONLY on the end of the lines in the MIME.  if you put the more typical CRLF (/n/r), every other mail client accepts that as ok, but mac mail DOES NOT....


    this may be helpful to whoever creates the email's you're getting that don't have attachments on them...


    the authors of mac mail should change this behavior to allow either CR or CRLF to make their program interpret email the same as other modern email clients (imho).

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    CRLF is part of the MIME standard. I assure you that Apple Mail does not require a bare CR. You must have had something else wrong with the message. What likely happened is that your confusion over CR equalling \n instead of \r caused you to generate CRLFCR instead of CRLF. For the record, \r means CR only. \n is platform dependent. I suggest using the actual characters next time.


    I continue to be amazed at the number of people who have convinced themselves that Apple doesn't know how to write an e-mail program. Apple wrote one of the very first MIME e-mail programs. Microsoft still struggles with it. Any e-mail problems are caused by a Windows client or by an overzealous transport agent scanning for Windows viruses.