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I  just  noticed  that  my  Macbook  Pro  Trackpad  isn't  working  well. Usually  it's  quite  efficient  when  I  drag  files  around  folders  with  single  clicks.

But  now,  I  feel  that  it's  not  as  smooth  as  it  used  to  be. I  am  still  able  to  drag  files  but  I  must  press  the  trackpad  quite  hard  each  time.

I  have  also  checked  the  Trackpad  settings  on  System  Preference  but  made  no  difference  to  me.


I  am  facing  this  issue  since  cleanly  re-installing  my  Snow  Leopard  10.6.7


Please  provide  some  help  to  solve  this  issue. Thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), (RAM - 4Gb)
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    Clean you trackpad with a damp cloth, Keep rubbing the trackpad for about two minutes.

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    I  would  like  to  highlight  that  my  trackpad  is  giving  me  issues  again.

    After  cleaning  it  with  dampcloth,  it  seemed  to  have  worked  well  for  a  few  weeks  and

    now  its  not  responsive  again.


    I  could  not  click  and  drag  files/apps  as  I  usually  could.


    Anyone  has  a  solution  ?


    Please  help

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    did you try cleaning it again?



    Hope this helps.

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    I have a MacBook Pro and  my trackpad is not responding properly. It just happend... I try to make the cursor move... it's really hard. I cleaned it just like you said, but it doesn't help. I had to install a remote mouse on my iPhone so I could use my phone as trackpad. I've had apple computers for 15 years now and never had issues with them before. I've never had to take any of my computers to a workshop. I'm really mad, dissapointed... I need my trackpad to work!!!!!! I have work to do!!!!

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    Reset SMC http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964


    if that doesn't help, create or log into another administrator user account on your MBP.  If the issue doesn't happen over there, it's likely preference related.  If it does it's likely hardware or operating system related.  You can try reinstalling your OS.


    First try archive and install, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1710

    if that doesn't resolve it try erase and install http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3910


    If it still happens after erase and install you likely have a hardware issue, and your computer will need to be serviced.

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    You won't believe why my trackpad wasn't working. I live on a penthouse... it get very windy sometimes and my computer desk is right by the window. Well if it's windy and I leave the windows open my trackpad doesn't work. If I close the windows it starts working again just fine. I tried opening and closing the windows and that's what happened, but only if windy. WEIRD!!!

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    I can't believe I just found this-- I was looking for help because the trackpad on my macbook pro 15"  is not working properly-- BUT only when it's in my bedroom, which is quite cold/ chilly drafty from air con system.  When the computer is on my desk downstairs, there's no problem.


    I wondering if it's the metal casing making the computer too cold to operate??  I wish this computer had a plastic case, it's the one thing I really miss from my old macbook (not pro).

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    I'm noticing problems with my trackpad registering clicks when it's cold.  As soon as the computer warms up after about 5 minutes it's fine.  This never happened before in my almost 2 years of owning this thing, so I hope it's not an issue that's going to progress and get worse