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I keep accidentally typing in the wrong web address and getting redirected to websites that has pop ups that says Something like "congratulations, you are our 100th visitor. You have won".  For example, I type gmil.com instead of gmail.com.


My question is, is there any anti-virus program I  can install on my iPad?


I have heard the iOS devices does not need anti-virus but I don't understand how that works. For example, if someone visit a website while on a Windows computer And that website has a virus.. Most likely the computer will have a virus. But if a Mac user visit the same website, will they also be infected?



My next question is does anyone here use an app called - AlwaysOnPC-?

If I download this app on my iPad, will I be at an increased risk of getting a virus? Because I will be using a different browser than safari?


Sorry for all the questions. I am not too familiar with apple and their software.

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  • William Kucharski Level 6 Level 6 (14,890 points)

    Viruses need to be written for a particular operating system's holes, and the operating system needs to have holes, so that's why Windows is so easily infected (holes combined with a massive installed user base making it a prime target.)


    To date, as with Mac OS X, there are no iOS virii, so no, you don't need to worry about your iPad becoming infected just by visiting a malicious web site.


    Likewise, using a PC access app cannot infect your iOS device.


    The best analog I can think of is say you know a certain person down the street opens their front door whenever they hear a knock consisting of two knocks, a pause, then one knock.


    You can knock on every other door on the block the same way, but it's likely none of those other people will just open their front door upon hearing the knock sequence.

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    No, anti virus program for iOS devices. Go settings, Safari, Pop-up Blocker and make sure it is set to on.

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    It's not a virus and there's no a/v software available for the iPad.


    What you can do to avoid re directs is use OpenDNS.


    Tap Settings / Wi-FI then tap the small blue circle to the right of your network.


    Where you see: DNS.


    Type in these numbers exactly as you see them here.



    Now go back to using your iPad.

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    @alee11 Great question. Our app gives you access to your own virtual computer in cloud which you are simply viewing and remotely manipulating from your iPad. It has the functionality of a PC but it is not on your iPad and so there is no way a virus can reach your iPad simply by browsing the internet.