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h'lo all,

my MacBook Pro (2.16 Intel Core Duo / 2 GB RAM / 10.6.7) has started heating up/overheating whenever I run a video on it, i.e. I'm on Firefox and I click a YouTube link. video runs fine, but the MBPro's temps - which usually stay between 45ºC and 60ºC  (with fans runing about 1000rpm) will jump pretty quickly up to 95ºC and rising. I can manually kick the fans up to 6000 rpm and it will just barely hold the line, but sometimes it just goes to about 105ºC and does an auto-shutdown.

Maybe my processor(s) are just getting tired or not able to handle the demands of video these days?

What do you think?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    It's possible that the fan vents could have some dust and debris in them which would cause the machine to become warmer as it wouldn't be able to cool itself down efficiently. MacBook Pro computers do tend to warm up when you are using processor or graphics intensive applications, but it shouldn't be overheating.


    Take a look at the fan vents. Simply close the lid, then look under the screen hinge. If they look like they contain any debris you could use compressed air to gently dislodge the debris, just be very careful as you don't want to blow the debris deeper inside of the machine.


    Outside of that, I'd recommend dropping by a Genius Bar at an Apple Store (if one is available in your area) or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider so that they can take a look at your computer and see what the root cause of the issue is.


    Best of luck and have a great day.

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    Bill Myers wrote:

    Maybe my processor(s) are just getting tired or not able to handle the demands of video these days?


    Run a plugin check





    Install free smcFanControl to raise minimum fan speeds.


    Clone your whole OS X boot drive/partition to a new blank external drive (HFS+ journaled formatted in Disk Utility) using the free Cabon Copy Cloner, you can hold option and boot off of it. Repair permissions on both in Disk Utility.


    Once you do that hold c and boot off the installer disk that came with your computer, under the installer menu is Disk Utility, use it to Erase with Zero your entire boot drive, takes about a hour or so. Once finished install your old OS that came with your computer and reboot/setup, same user name as before, then use the Snow Leopard Upgrade disk to upgrade OS X.


    Once you have that done and Flash installed, go ahead and see if your heat problems continue.


    If everything is fine and dandy, then reinstall programs from fresh sources, grab your files off the external clone, replace your iTunes folder new with the old one. Everything should be fine.


    Once your all setup on the new configuration and don't need the old clone on the external, clone your new configuration to the external drive cloning with the new configuration and disconnect, keep safe and update every now and then.


    You get into any trouble, you know you have the clone to boot off of and save your bacon.




    221 - 6000 RPM


    113 - 140 F  - 1000 RPM

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