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I just got my iPad 2 (exactly 3 days old, 64GB Wifi+3G Version, white) and I am really really happy. But to get to the point: I know that the built in cameras are not the best ones out there, but all my pictures seems to be blurry and highly pixelated.


I am using the standard apps like Facetime and Camera. To be honest: the pics look awful, and it is not rated on the person in front of the cam x)


Altough the pictures taken with my iPhone 3GS have a better quality. Is my device broken? Is there a chance to calibrate the cameras? I don't use any cases except the smart cover from Apple, but I guess that would not have any influence on camera quality? Any help would be fine. Thanks.


btw: Used Firmware is 4.3.3 (could not select it below)


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iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2, blurry cameras in ipad 2
Solved by vazandrew on Jun 15, 2011 11:20 AM Solved

Isn't the 3GS Three megapixels? The rear lens on the iPad 2 is barely 1MP I believe

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They are very low quality so they will be pixelated. Make sure to tap on subjects to focus and try to stay still. That being said the cameras are not really meant for pictures. For video confrencing it should be adequete.

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