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And it's coming 4 weeks early!


I'd like to use the migration assistant this time. I'm getting an SSD machine. I have already stripped my drive down to 182 GB roughly. Is that an ok ratio for a 256 GB SSD system drive?


I found this document: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4413#2


Is there anything I need to consider or prepare to have a smooth transition?

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    I would make sure I have a current Time Machine back up just for insurance.  But other then that you had done your home work. 

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    Unfortunately, I have lost all trust in Time Machine, since both times when I needed it the backup turned out to be corrupt. I have bought a new Time Capsule since then, but I clearly hope I never need it. On my machine I'm using Carbon Copy now.-

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    Your clone from CCC should work just fine however DO NOT, repeat DO NOT use Migration Assistant. Please use Setup Assistant. Setup Assistant will start when you turn on the machine for the first time. Migration Assistant and Setup Assistant are cousins, similar but different. First SA tends to be more reliable and it also does not create a new user account. Please look over Setup Assistant tips and when the new machine arrives you should be all set and be up and running very shortly. If your Clone is a FireWire or FireWire 800 drive that will make it faster however if it's USB that will work too. Just make sure you have the correct cable when it arrives. If you are not sure let us know the type of connection the drive has and we can point you in the right direction.

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    Your welcome.

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    Just did a Setup Assistant transition to my new iMac which arrived today.  Very smooth.


    My source was a Time Machine backup of my MBP.  In preparation, I closed down all apps, disconnected the network, did a final backup prior to shutting down the MBP.


    In my case not all MBP data will fit on the SSD, so I had some choices to make.  Pictures and videos will go on HDD.  Also Downloads.  Aperture library is on SSD with referenced masters currently on USB disk, to be relocated to HDD.

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    The machine arrived today, and I used the Setup assistant with the Carbon Copy clone drive. It took about two hours to copy ~180GB over from the USB drive, but everything went very well.

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    Glad it went well, now you see the downside of USB.....it's SLOW! At some point you may want to upgrade to either Firewire 800 or even better Thunderbolt. Then if you ever need the clone you will have a pretty fast HD.

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    Some time ago I switched to a nightly backups (ditching time machine) with Carbon Copy. Once the initial backup is done, the USB drive seems still to do the trick for the incremental process.


    I do look forward to getting a Thunderbolt drive this summer (if there are going to be any).-

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    For backing up it's fine but if you ever have the need to boot from it it's really slow booting. I have a USB clone for my MacBook Air and a FW800 drive for my iMac. The iMac boot's dramatically faster. USB works of course so if performance isn't that critical then you're set.