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I need to virus check my macbook pro, can anyone  tell me how? Thanks.

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    Use ClamXav.   







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    amber --

    You don't need to.

    If you have a burning need to add something to your Mac, get ClamXav.


    And don't go on to questionable sites.  And don't click "OK," when a screen comes on telling you that you have a virus. Because you don't.  Clicking on it will only install malware.  But Apple has issued a security update to prevent crapola like that appearing.


    Apple released a free software update (Security Update 2011-003) that will automatically find and remove Mac Defender malware and its known variants.

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    Thanks guys.

    Our mail server has shut down SMTP on one of our email addresses because of spam. It is either the macbook or the iphone that is infected, I figure it is more likely to be the macbook so that is my starting point. I'll try the ClamXav.

    Thanks again