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    Both computers have to be turned on and iTunes open

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    Sean, thanks, but that's all basic stuff.  Of course both computer are on and itunes open, and home share is on with both devices.  My ipad can see and use the homeshare of the PC.  I can go to the homeshare on the ipad, click on my computer that is listed, and access all my itunes from there no problem.  So the sharing is on and working, it's just that it does not show up on the PC.  When I turn the home share off, then back on, it shows up listed on the pc, but when I click "Done" it removes the homeshare from the list, although it is ON because the ipad2 can see it still and I can use the homeshare on that device.

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    bizarrely my phone can see my library in the 'Remote' app but not in 'Music', so it's not a network/router/firewall issue for me.


    Even more bizarrely, when my steam driven iphone3 running IOS nothing was connected to the network, the other iphones would connect to the library in itunes/music no problem....?!

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    Guys, while I realize it is often fun and easy to scream at iTunes and Apple (and I certainly can't say that there isn't reason for doing so), it may not be iTunes causing the problem.  I experienced the exact same problem today, only to realize it was Windows causing the problem, not iTunes.  I had outstanding updates for Windows, and for whatever reason, my homeshare stopped working once Windows received notification of the updates.  After installing the updates for WINDOWS, THEN restarting, my home share once again popped up.


    So, please also check that your Windows installation is completely up-to-date.  FYI, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit.

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    No, I hate hate hate screaming at Apple- because it means something that should work is simply not.  And there's no troubleshooting assistance, nothing we can see that shows us why this is not working.


    I have 2 MacBook Pro's.  Sharing worked a few months ago.  Then I upgraded to 10.6.1.  Now, magically, sharing no longer works, home sharing doesn't work, and I have no idea why.


    Fail, Apple.


    Yamipod to the rescue.

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    I had the exact same trouble, but after looking through the comments this one worked for me as i was not very keen on downloading unknown programs I had never heard of.


    Go to both of the computers you wish to use home sharing for..

    Press system preferences

    Press sharing

    Press the tick box for "file sharing"

    Then close it

    Open up home sharing on both


    And it should now be working.. worked for me!

    Hope it helps!

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    Those posts aren't helpful, I was part of those posts.  It has nothing to do with the multicasting.  I have the same router she had, and I don't have it set to multicast, but my PC still sees all other computers I have on homeshare.  The problem somehow lies with the iPad2.  The iPad 2 sees the PC no problem, but the PC doesn't show the iPad in homeshare???   Anyone else have this issue?  Homesharing works with all other macs on my system, and iPad2 can see the PC fine with the homesharing on that.... but the PC won't show the iPad2???

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    I had same isuue with this problem and tried everything?.. Did not work....

    This morning I decided to install previous version of iTunes ( on 32 bit Windows XP, so I have delete the current version and delete any apple related folder....... Works fine on 2 of my work XP computers.

    I also downloaded 10.6.0.X for 64 bit and I will try later today in home with Windows 7 64bit.....


    Music Share, Movie Share, Remote and Wifi Sync... all works on my New Ipad...NICE

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    I remember reading somewhere in the Apple support documentation that the Home Sharing folder will not show up in your iTunes menu once it is activated.  It is there before Home Sharing is activated so you can easily click on it to get the sign up page.  But if you go to the Advanced menu at the top, you will see the option "Turn Off Home Sharing," and this is how you know that Home Sharing is activated.  Am I answering your question?

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    Connie, actually the homeshare does show up on the left when it sees other computers.  If it doesn't see any other computers connected to homeshare, then it doesn't show.  You need to have it show because you have to be able to click on the other computer to share with it.  When I have my daughters macbook pro on, and signed into my homeshare account, it shows up on the PC on the left side of itunes as a computer listed under home share.  I can click on her computer there and it shows her itunes on my PC.  The problem is the ipad isn't showing up.  I have the ipad signed into homeshare and it does see the PC.  I can click on the PC in the homesharing of the ipad and see all my itunes from my PC..... but the PC doesn't see the ipad?  Homeshare doesn't show up on the left, so I can click on the ipad and use that for sharing.    ????????????

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    "burningthedays". I have found the same issues as you and have read and tried all the suggestions in this thread. Tested several times, by turning off sharing in iTunes and then back on, I see the share listed on the left but as soon as I enter my Apple ID, and click "done", the share icon disappears. Now unless this is by design, the it's a little BUG. At least in my case, I can still see my entire iTunes library on my new iPad 3, so I know its all working properly, though it is odd, and my guess is a bug, but since most folks don't list any info on what stuff they are using, it's almost impossible to troubleshoot. For example:


    OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    iTunes: 10.6.1

    iPad 3: iOS 5.1


    Maybe the next update if iTunes will repair this.

    BTW: Thought I would add this as proof that the Shared Library SHOULD show up in the iTunes Library list, if you open the iTunes PREFS, the GENERAL, you can put checks in the boxes for what you want to SEE in the Library "list", and "Shared Libraries" is ONE of those on that list, toggleing it ON/OFF does nothing in my case, but the others do work, so it seems it should be VISIBLE in the Library list in the iTunes left window!

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    @MacTavish - I'm having exactly same experience on Windows 7.  Somebody else on another thread pointed out the same thing you did - the menu/icon isn't visible... but it is running and working.  Pressing "done" makes the icon go away - homeshare runs in the background.


    It is a most confusing UI.  Simply because you can see the icon in the list for a moment, then pressing "done" makes it go away which made me think "it crashed, where'd it go?!" - but turning on the AppleTV showed that it was working.


    You have a Mac are are seeing the same thing us "PC" people are.  Bug.. or intended functionality?  No matter - it's Confusing!!


    When my iPad syncs wifi with the PC I see it in the list, just like my old iPod (via USB).   But there isn't any activity monitor for Home Share.


    My AppleTV3 works fine.  I can airplay to it from the PC, I can browse music/tv from the AppleTV, I can play from the iPad, home DJ works.  Everything works.  Just no "icon."


    Windows 7, x64 Home edition (with every service pack and update available as of this week).

    iTunes (for Windows)

    iPad 3, AppleTV 3     (slowly going apple ;-)

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    The reason I believe it's a small "bug", is because there is a "preference box", in iTunes preferences, to SHOW "Shared Libraries", which has NO visible effect, on or off when you in fact know, you are sharing a library and it's working. All the other preference choices do work, and turn visiblility on and off. Proof enough for me.

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    Not sure what the Mac features are.  On windows iTunes there is a "share library" feature separate from home share.  I have turned off the Share My Library in Prefs,  and home share still works.


    I used the share feature until I enabled home share .. So I learned that they are different.  It wasn't obvious at first.


    Same on Mac?

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