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    Fixed this by doing a firewall modification in Windows 7. I had to transfer my music to a new PC. I turned on home sharing on 3 Windows 7 PC's. 2 of them could see each others shared library but my new Windows 7 PC did not see the shared libraries. I fixed this by enabling a windows firewall exception for the bonjour-service. In my case there was only an exception enabled for domain networks. I enabled this also for Home/Work (Private) networks. After a reboot the shared libraries were showing up in Itunes.

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    I was having the same issue. I have an iMac and I could see it fine with both my PC and Remote on the iPad2 and 3, as well as my appletv and appletv 2. But I could not see either of my 2 PC's. I had been able to see them up until about the second tuesday of April (Windows people probably can see whats coming). I finanlly sat down this eveing to troubleshoot the problem and got an idea while looking through this post.


    I found that on both of my PC's the network settings had been set to Default, which is a "Public Network" now. I tried to disable the firewall and it did not work. I went and changed the settings of the network to "Private Network" and it fixed both computers.


    Doing this will create a Red flag for the firewall as it is not a default setting. I hope this can help, and thank you for the ideas!

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    I did exactly that and it still doesn't work. I am getting really frustrated that I have bought a product that doesn't meet all its promises.

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    home sharing won't even show up on mine. no house thingy no nothin'.

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    Today I bought an iPad 2 and I'm trying to set up home sharing. On my iPad I can see the shared library but on my PC I can't see the home share on the left side menu. I've tried turning home share on and off, disabling my firewall, changing the network to "home" rather than "public", making sure I have the updated versions of itunes, turning both my iPad and computer on and off, checking for windows updates... nothing works. As soon as I click "done" when logging in to home sharing the homeshare menu disappears. Does anyone know what else I could try? Thanks.

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    That's the EXACT problem I have... and tried everything (to no avail).  It must be a bug that hasn't been fixed.  I've heard of all kinds of fixes on here (none of which work, and most of which are for other issues that have nothing to do with this, even though they responded to my plea for the same issue you have).  HELP???

  • jfarotte Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)  This explains everything very clearly and easily.  I was having the same problem until I realized the home sharing has to be the same apple id on both computers.  Once I typed my apple id into my wife's computer for home sharing the houses showed up and transferring media was simple.  Hope this helps

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    I only have ONE Apple ID, it is the same on my computer as well as the iPad 3. Don't see how that solves this issue in cases where it's NOT two computers connecting?

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    Same here, that is the basic stuff.  I used the same apple ID, and I don't see how you could possibly have had the same problem, because if you didn't use the same apple ID, the iTunes from your computer would not have shown up on the ipad.  What we are talking about is that the iTunes from the computer IS showing up on the iPad no problem, but the iPad is not showing up on the PC.  It's only working in one direction, which means the ID's have to be the same or it wouldn't show up in any direction.  This also means that the router is working fine because you can see it on one end.  I've tried the "router fixes" mentioned in here and it didn't fix anything.  Ughh nobody has come up with a solution on this :-(

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    Yes that's exactly my problem burningthedays. The sharing works ok on the ipad but not my pc. I've tried everything and have spent way too much time on it.

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    Same problem here, except im trying to go from PC to PC and both PC aren't showing up. I'm switching from an old desktop PC to a laptop and i'm trying to transfer my whole library. I figured home shareing would be the easiest way but im starting to think that forking out the money for an external hardrive and copying and pasting the songs will be easier.

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    I am having the same problems with iTunes and transferring files or even accessing my Macbook pro from my iMac.

    When i went to school and opened up my Macbook it recognized every other students computer (apple and microsoft).

    I take my macbook home and its the same thing.

    This has just recently started to be an issue as its been working fine for the past 2 years.

    I have tried the homesharing iption in iTunes, turning off the firewall settings, resetting the router, going in to security and sharing settings on both devices but still nothing. It does however recognize via bluetooth.

    Frustrating to say the least...

    I have even went as far as going into safeboot mode and doing a diagnostic check on all of the directory settings which. came up saying that everything was running normally.


    I share files pretty regularly between the two macs...this has prevented me from doing it any further.


    Any KNOWN fix would help.



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    I tried it all- it is a FIREWALL setting.  Before you go about saying "No, I tried that already," make sure you know how many programs and settings and latent background applications you have on your PC that can influence your settings.  I have Symantec End-Point protection, courtesy Uncle Sam, and it's a little more complicated to understand the settings there.  I'm a teacher, not an IT guru, so I can't really explain it.  Tweak it here or there, first checking to make sure it's not an epic fail if you do turn off some critical application setting.  After every modification, restart your itunes.  I'd also recommend restarting the computer here or there to make sure the change takes place.  Oh, and of course, BACK UP BEFOREHAND.

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    It has nothing to do with the Firewall setting (its something with the ipad2)... here's why.  My PC sees my daughters macbookpro fine in homesharing.  She opens iTunes, my PC shows the homeshare icon and I can see her laptop, move files, etc.  Her laptop sees my PC fine also.  The iPad2 sees both of them no problem also.. BUT... neither the PC nor the macbook pro see the ipad2.  So it has nothing to do with firewall because the Macbook and the PC see each other fine (no firewall issue at all), but for some reason neither of them see the ipad (even though the ipad sees both of them).


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    Hi, I had a similar issue. Even I turned ON Home Sharing, the Apple TV did not see the computer (iMac). And the icon Home Sharing dispappered from iTunes. Try this:

    Reset of the router (includng power plug off) and restart helped me. I alsoput ATV NEVER to sleep inGeneral settings. Might help you as well.

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