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I am a PG student and have recorded interviews for my research using my iPhone.  I now want to use these files in dictaphone software so that I can transcribe. How do I access the files from the iPhone/iTunes so I can import them into the software.  They are too large to email.

Please help.  Many thanks.


iPhone 4
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    iTunes should automatically sync voice memos to your iTunes library when you connect iPhone to your computer. This lets you listen to voice memos on your computer and provides a backup if you delete them from iPhone.


    Voice memos are synced to the Voice Memos playlist. iTunes creates the playlist if it doesn’t exist. When you sync voice memos to iTunes, they remain in the Voice Memos application until you delete them. If you delete a voice memo on iPhone, it isn’t deleted from the Voice Memos playlist in iTunes. However, if you delete a voice memo from iTunes, it is deleted from iPhone the next time you sync with iTunes.


    Once in iTunes, you can then export/copy them to whatever software you're using.

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    Yes, thanks for your reply.

    It is your last sentence that interests me!  HOW!?

    The files are in my iTunes but I want to use software that will slow them down/use hot keys to pause etc for transcribing purposes.



    So, HOW do I export/copy them to elsewhere? 


    When I open up the software I am using I have the option to 'Load Dictation Files' however I think cannot locate the voice memos in my iTunes files???


    I really appreciate your help.



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    I have no idea how to get the file in a format that your dictaphone software can read, sorry. You can use iTunes to convert the voice memo file to mp3 by:


    Choose iTunes > Preferences, click General, and click Import Settings.


    In the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the format you want to convert songs to, and click OK to save the settings.


    Select one or more voice memos in your library and choose Advanced > Create [Format] Version.


    Once in mp3 format, perhaps there's another converter or perhaps you can use the resulting file.

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    I don't need to convert the files, they are in the right format.  That is not the issue, or potentially a separate issue.


    I just cant 'find' them!?  Where are they stored?  Can I not access them independently of iTunes?  ie. store them on the desktop or other file???


    If I open my computer and go through iPhone, as storage device, I can access my photos but not the memos?


    If I go through Music, iTunes, etc I can't find the memos?

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    You should have a voice memos playlist in iTunes:



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    Yes.  I do.


    Again, that does not really answer my question....  As I am sure you are aware this is not effectively where the file is stored.  So other software can't access it through the playlist!


    Thanks for trying though.

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