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    I also have to agree with ChileEater on his point made. I've been using Mackeeper for about 1 1/2 years now with no notice as to a slowdown in performance.

    My first year was on an old Quicksilver 2002 and I liked it. It helped clear off about 1.5 GB of junk from it and I never experienced any space being taken up from using it.

    I now have a 6 month old Mac Pro that it is on and use it in the same way with no "known" issues yet!

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    Hello BDAqua,

    You helped me a couple years ago with a HD partition issue and I respect your knowledge and the advice given by you!

    I was a bit concerned when I saw that you also endorsed the idea of avoiding this app. I will tread lightly with it's use from now on but I really don't experience any of these issues with it's use so far. Maybe I've been lucky so far but now I'm kind of leary to keep using it as i have in the past! I only run it when I want to use a feature it has, not running it in the background at all times. Thanks to all for the heads up and i will tread lightly from here on with it!

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    I wonder why APPLE is so quiet about this - you'd think they'd be out there warning loyal customers about this vile company!!



    That is the question I have about this potential problem.

    Espescially now with the recent attacks that have succeeded


    Why isn't Apple trying to protect it's loyal users of this by making a simple note that lists products that (may)

    cause problems by their use. Are they worried about legal actions being taken by such a warning?

    If the problem is real then there shouldn't be. Apples lawyers could crush them easily!


    I "will" proceed with caution and realize that I'm dealing with a company that may not have deserved my hard earned cash!!!

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    I've wondered myself, I think they could have made it behave itself if it finds it's running on Apple's own computers/IPs!

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    Frank, thank you very much for the information on MacKeeper and the specific and easy-to-understand instructions on how to remove all traces of the program!  I am fairly new to Apple and certainly appreciate your knowledge and guidance.


    Question:  What program - if any - should I consider to replace MacKeeper?


    Thanks again.

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    1GatorGirl wrote:



    Question:  What program - if any - should I consider to replace MacKeeper?




    In General 3rd Party AV Software and Cleaning Software is Not Required as Mac OS X tends to look after itself.


    Read Here  >



    See Here  >  Antivirus Discussion



    The Safe Mac  >


    More Info Here  >  The myth of the dirty Mac

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    Thanks!  I appreciate the references you cited.

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    Actually, Apple is fooled by these people as well - there's even an App Store version.


    So don't expect help from them

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    bentkitty100 wrote:


    Actually, Apple is fooled by these people as well - there's even an App Store version.

    No, actually there isn't any more. Hasn't been there for several months now.

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    Oh, thank goodness


    Also, I know that MK was recently bought out by some other company... apparently (Thomas Reed noted that the MK website still has Zeobit in the URL)


    But still, IMHO, crapware is crapware.

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