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  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,726 points)

    My biggest complaints about MacKeeper are that it charges for things that can be done for free, much of what it does is dangerous and their advertising is less then honest. I know this because I have had to help users of MacKeeper repair their Mac after the damage incurred from using MacKeeper.


    If Zeobit want to come after me, I'll even sign this.



  • timmy toad Level 1 (5 points)

    If this program MacKeeper  is SSSSSOooooo BAD ! why on earth is it available in the App store ?, and i am dammed sure i have seen it advertised on this sites pages as well ......   gggrrrrr



  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,726 points)

    Well the Apple Store sold Norton forever which was far more of a Mac destroyer then any malware. so what does that prove. It is a matter of buyer beware.


    Personally from my experience, I would put both them in the same category, software to avoid on Macs.



  • timmy toad Level 1 (5 points)

    OK ..... well now, until a minute ago i had a lot of respect for everything Apple ..... you have NOW certainly badly dented the high regard i had for the Apple Store .......



  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,726 points)

    Sorry to burst your bubble.


    The one that did it for me with the Apple Store was when I finally convinced a friend to look at a Mac in the Apple Store only to have the staff there run her off by poor and inconsiderate service.


    No one is perfect, not even Apple.



  • timmy toad Level 1 (5 points)

    I really did think they were perfect (staff in the Apple Store)...... however i have found out conclusively, that Apple Computers are streets ahead of that "other" type of computer ! , you surely cant convince me otherwise on that statement , can you  ?   ..........



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    I have paid no charges for MacKeeper after initially buying it and I may as well say that I did initially buy it in order to have some sort of anti-virus software when an attempt to update the one I was using, Intergo's VirusBarrier, did something weird to my computer forcing me to spend an hour or two undoing the damage. 


    I'm not trying to urge anyone to buy it but just trying to say it isn't any form of "malware" and it seems to do the job for which it was intended when used judiciously.  Since it does delete files and so on, you probably do need to be a little careful and that's why I don't actually run it very often, but then compared to other similar programs it wasn't very expensive and the alternatives aren't perfect either.

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    Well since I look at AV software more as a curse rather then a blessing, I have to rank that one as a demerit.


    One of the primary reasons I dislike MacKeeper is because it charges you to do things that with a little bit of training on OS X you can do for free.


    Also because of the was it does thing hidden from you so that you think you are safe when in fact you are not is really bad. I know from experience helping my friends repair the damage it has done.



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    misliz1 wrote: When you all libel a legitimate company with a pretty decent product you only harm yourselves. Especially when you sign your name and invite a very expensive trip through Federal Civil Court. A Mac doesn't do what you don't want it to; go buy the Yellow Book and read it!


    Why don't you stop trying to indimidate people with your scary sounding BS. People have their experiences and a right to their opinions. Hardly libel or hysteria. We know what we know and we can see how this business behaves. (I'm not, for the moment, discussing the questionable merits of its software.) It's out in the open and numerous people have noted it, not just here but on many other boards. Are you a plant? Do you work for this outfit? You've been doing this in other threads here, with rude and obnoxious comments.


    You won't save its reputation with silly threats.

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  • Terraaustralia Level 1 (35 points)

    This is not Malware:



    Get your facts right.

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,875 points)

    With their unscrupulous sales approach, they do everything possible to avoid the impression it's not malware.





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                             Re: I got a pop-up telling me to click on MacKeeper 911 to "clean my computer".  I don't know anything about this legit or is it a scam / virus?                       


                                                    Jun 19, 2011 12:16 AM                                                    (in response to WZZZ)                   


    There is nothing legitimate about a business that uses a completely deceptive and dishonest strategy to trick people into downloading its overpriced garbage. Here it is relying on the excellent reputation of the completely legitimate ClamXav to prey on the unwary.


    Try going to Nothing at all to do with the real ClamXav; the real one is This will bring you to "ClamXav Review." After a very "informative" overview of the real ClamXav -- which is, apparently, meant to lead one into forming the completely mistaken impression that this site is really about ClamXav -- down at the bottom, you can download, you guessed it, MacKeeper. But you won't know that if you don't mouse hover over "Recommended Software: Mac Anti Virus DOWNLOAD NOW," while looking at the status bar in your browser. You'll see you will actually be going to The "Recommended Software: Mac Anti Virus" has nothing to do with ClamXav.


    Screen shot 2011-06-18 at 11.42.30 PM.png


    In the very fine print, presumably just for the sake of creating some sense of propriety and quite easy to miss by comparison, you'll see what might be a link to the real ClamXav.


    This is slimeware of the first order.






        Leddy Mountbatten                           

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                             Re: I got a pop-up telling me to click on MacKeeper 911 to "clean my computer".  I don't know anything about this legit or is it a scam / virus?                       


                                                    Jun 19, 2011 4:55 AM                                                    (in response to Sana_Paul)                   


    If MacKeeper is legit, it's a pity it uses the tactics of spyware and trojans to get itself installed. Often I have had a browser window advertising MacKeeper Pop-up that only offers one possible option in the dialogue box.


    The only way to exit this window has been to Force Quit the browser - not much of an introduction to supposedly legitimate software. If you wish to be treated as ethical software, and not the slimeware that you appear to be (props to WZZZ), then it's about time you grew up and took responsibility for the way you are presenting yourself to users.


    Ethical software does not usually load an installer which gets a user's permission to install, then downloads additional packages from a server. This is more akin to the behaviour of a Trojan.


    I'd be wary of MacKeeper - there are plenty of Freeware utilities that will let you do all of what MacKeeper does.



  • Sana_Paul Level 1 (10 points)

    Carolyn, MacKeeper is a legit app - you've mixed it up with MacProtector malware - take a look at this article at - it will make things clear -

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,875 points)
    Sana_Paul wrote: Carolyn, MacKeeper is a legit app - you've mixed it up with MacProtector malware - take a look at this article at - it will make things clear -



    Not surprisingly, the linked site,, has a very poor reputation. "Known forum spammer," "Infected web page." Yet another sign that confirms my impression of the way this business operates. I'm sure this is another very trustworthy and reliable review, and which I'm certain wasn't planted.

    Screen shot 2011-07-08 at 12.08.02 PM.png

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,726 points)

    You do realize that the caches are there for a reason. Cleaning them out actually slows down your computer.


    Now there are times that cache files can get corrupt but this is normally not happening with regularity. If your cache files are getting corrupted frequently then you have another problem which really should be fixed. On my Macs, the last time I cleaned out caches was so long ago I can't even remember when it was.


    As for the AV aspects of MacKeeper I actually look at that as a demerit rather then a positive. One of the Mac users I help to support had MacKeeper on their iMac. They were complaining of slow performance. After checking it out I could not believe how much of the Mac was being hogged by MacKeeper. As soon as I uninstalled there was a huge improvement in performance.


    I vote against MacKeeper.



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