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  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    These adverts are not legitimate, using a proxy server, turning off Javacript, using https all these actions remove the adverts of MacKeeper; using http with Javascript turned on and the the MacKeeper adverts show up again. There is also a cookie placed in the cookies. Scanning shows tracking cookies too.


    Zeobit have not replied directly about resolving this or how to remove ALL elements of MacKeeper and Mackeeper remote from the system.

  • 6VWmaclover Level 1 (0 points)

    Contact MacKeeper Technical Support by phone and insist they talk you through the eradication process, line by line. I had to be quite firm and use some strident language to reinforce my desire to rid my system of MacKeeper NOW. You have to remove elements from about a dozen folders or more on your hard-drive AFTER you trash the application. I was SO eager to rid my system of their application, I did not record their directions. But you CAN remove the program's remnants with their assistance. They have step-by-step directions they will walk you through. Too bad they won't post them and save us all the aggravation!

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    They haven't answered any of my e-mails on this subject; rather just referring to the uninstall. I have found numerous element after the uninstall and as Safari is picking up cookies on a continual basis - without even visiting their site, as well as the hacking of MacKeeper adverts into pages I visit, then I beleive elements or some connection with still exists against my wishes. The entire Mac Community should be aware of this issues. What else are their motives can only be assumed to be the worst in the event of them being so unwilling to respond.

    What number did you call by the way? I just wonder if by Skype if that doesn't open up more securit issues? I would assume it would also be another entry point for them.

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    If the cookies keep regenerating, it's likely they're being stored as Flash cookies. If your Flash player is up to date (at least or later - current is 181.34), there should be a Flash preference pane in your System Preferences > Other. In the storage tab, select "block all sites from storing information on this computer", then delete all stored info using the two buttons below it.

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi, Thank you for teh reply. I have done what you suggested.


    However the cookies that had been deleted for two unvisited sites are still being regenerated; these are not data collection sites but sites I usually visit but haven't since following your instructions, emptying the cashe and cookies, and restarting Safari. However the cookies reappear. One is for a bank. I am quite concerned that my computer is being compromised. The MacKeeper advers still appear in sites that have adverts if using http - enable java is off. Again with https the MacKeeper adverts are gone; leading me to believe that some hacking is going on. I have also changed my DNS, but that didn't resolve the issue.

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,795 points)

    I thought this had been fixed, but ....


    For a workaround to fix the Safari zombie cookies.



    BTW, if Flash was never involved using or getting MacKeeper, there obviously wouldn't be any Flash cookies to delete. (Haven't read through the whole thread careully, so please excuse if it has been established there could be Flash cookies for this.)


    There's also the "Evercookie"




    I wouldn't put it past this sleaze outfit MacKeeper to do something really slimy like this.

  • 6VWmaclover Level 1 (0 points)

    On their FB page, MakeKeeper writes: 911 for your MacCall us 24/7: (888) 572-5876

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    No WZZZ not at all, it is a daily fight with the issue at the moment. The situation definately sounds like Zombie cookies, or Evercookies, because deleting them doesn't work, they disappear; their return was linked to visiting the site where the MacKeeper advert had been hacked into the page I believe. Also if I access a page in Safari by http the MAcKeeper advers show up, then the and other unknow cookies appear in teh cooking list. It is a continual battle to keep deleting and clearing history and restarting Safari.


    Any idea how to resolve the issue woudl be great. Thank you.

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    If Private Browsing is selected in teh menus as the article suggests you can't post to Apple Forums for some reason.

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Don't feel keen to call them using Skype as who knows what would happen or security issues occur. Also the cost of an international call could be high.

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    I don't use Safari, but when this issue of reappearing cookies first appeared, it was suggested to clear all the cookies with a reset and then quit Safari immediately. Don't know if that keeps them from reappearing. I would do a full reset, as below.


    The only other thing I would try is to get EasyFind and search the entire drive for "zeobit" and 'MacKeeper." In "Search for" check the following: Files and Folders, Boolelan + Wildcards (afterwards, also try it set for "All words" and "Phrase") Ignore case, Invisible Files and Folders. In "Settings," set it to "Scan all files." Also try searching with Package Contents selected. From the EF menu, if you can't Destroy or move something to the Trash, go to Reveal in Finder and trash it from there, after giving your password. Should find everything.


    Screen shot 2011-08-01 at 1.59.31 PM.png

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you WZZZ. Actually I did a full reset a number of times but no success in resolving the problem. Also already used EasyFind and searched the entire drive for "zeobit" and 'MacKeeper" and found items remaining after the uninstall and removed them. I believe whatever is causing the issues will be some file which is difficult to identify; perhaps having some different name or jumble of letters. I have wrote many times to Zoebit asking for specific hidden file names that MacKeeper and MacKeeper remote put into the system; unfortunately they just reply to use the uninstaller or don't answer the question at all, rather some unrelated standard reply. MAcKeeper is really bad news.

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Just did another complete Full Reset - will ALL elements ticked. Cleared cookies first too. On restart the stange cookes from site I don't use like and others plus my bank site that I haven't used showed up on restart. The pages that show MacKeeper adverts when loaded as http are still show that advert. Seem something really intrusive is present. I also use Safari Webkit, but even the updates to this don't help.

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,795 points)

    In SysPrefs>Network, put these numbers in for DNS (Advanced>DNS) for whatever Interface you're using, eg. Airport, Ethernet. Put them ahead of any others you find there, or remove the old ones completely.




    These are for the OpenDNS Servers, which are patched against DNS poisoning/redirects. They are also faster than most.


    When finished, go to



    to see if it is working.



    The Safari Add-on GlimmerBlocker might stop these popups.


  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you WZZZ, actually my DNS originally was;




    I tried to change the DNS a few days ago to the Google DNS but that didn't improve matters, then I tried use the local ISP DNS number and the result was also unchanged.


    Actually I am not getting popups, the MacKeeper adverts are embedded into the webpage; the only way I can avoid them is to turn of JAva, use https or a provy server if a https server doesn't exist for teh target website.


    When trying to view this forum I got a message that a redirect loop was detected on a warning page of this site; which leads me to believe Safari is being redirected to clone sites.

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