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I cannot find my utilities folder on my ipad2.  Please help me find it.  Could I have accidently deleted it?  Thanks for your help.

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    What Utilities folder? There is no utilities folder on the iPad unless you are talking about a folder that you created by dragging one app on top of another.


    Describe what you mean in more detail. If you are thinking like the utilities folder on the Mac in the Applications folder, there is none on the iPad.

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    It's unlikely you deleted it.  On your home page, swipe your finger to the left and see if you accidentally moved it to another page.  Or, you can use the search bar:  again, on your home page, hit the home button and the search bar will appear.  Type in Utilities (assuming that's what you named it) and the folder should be found.  Lastly, you can connect your iPad to your computer and iTunes and after it syncs, you open your iPad and click on Apps, and all pages of apps will display and you can easily find and move your utilities folder.

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    I thought I might not have a utilities folder like I have on my iphone.

    I just downloaded a calculator, clock, and compass for my ipad.

    Thanks so much!

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    So the ipad does not come with a calculator, clock, or compass?


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    No it does not come with those utilities pre installed but it sounds like you are on your way to creating your own iPad utilities folder now!


    By the way, you can create folders on the iPad by holding down on an app icon until it wiggles and then drag that icon onto another icon. If you drag the calculator icon onto the compass or clock icon, chances are the iPad will name the folder Utilities on it's own. You change the name in the white bar that appears when the folders is created, by tapping in that text field, delete the old name and type in the name of your choice.

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    Thank you!