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I've got a G4 Mac MIni and a 42" plasma tv with the goofy 1024x768 resolution. I've hooked up the Mini to the tv with a DVI to HDMI cable. Works great and everything is crystal clear. One problem: The odd native resolution of the tv. It has a 4:3 ratio but obviously the tv is 16:9 shape, so it uses rectangular pixels. Everything is stretched horizontally. This isn't a problem watching movies in VLC, because it has built-in tools for dealing with this. But everything else is weird.


So, my question is...is there a way to send a different signal to the tv so it can display a 16:9 resolution? I mean, if a DVD player is sending widescreen signal, the tv recognizes it and converts it on the fly and everything is crystal clear. Why can't I do that with my Mini? Or can I? Whenever I select a different resolution in System Prefs, the signal is lost. Unfortunately, my plasma doesn't have a VGA input to try.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 1GB RAM DVI-HDMI cable 42" Insigna