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PC was updated with Windows7 and latest iTunes version. Now iTunes can't find my iPad. I already de-installed iTunes, Quick Time, Applemobile etc. and removed all the Apple stuff. Then I installed iTunes again, my iPad is recognized by the PC but not in iTunes. Who can help me out?

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    Doublechecking, jeroen. Is iTunes saying the Apple Mobile Device Service is not started? Or is it that Apple Mobile Device Support is not showing as installed in your Uninstall a program control panel?

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    It's not showing as installed.

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    Many thanks.


    Let's try a standalone Apple Mobile Device Support install. It still might not install, but fingers crossed any error messages will give us a better idea of the underlying cause of the issue.


    Download and save a copy of the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64setup.exe) installer file to your hard drive:




    Download and install the free trial version of WinRAR:




    Right-click the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64Setup.exe), and select "Extract to iTunesSetup" (or "Extract to iTunes64Setup"). WinRAR will expand the contents of the file into a folder called "iTunesSetup" (or "iTunes64Setup").


    Go into the folder and doubleclick the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi to do a standalone AMDS install.


    (If it offers you the choice to remove or repair, choose "Remove", and if the uninstall goes through successfully, see if you can reinstall by doubleclicking the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi again.)


    Does it install (or uninstall and then reinstall) properly for you? If so, does the service start now?


    If instead you get an error message during the install (or uninstall), let us know what it says. (Precise text, please.)

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    Thanks for your quick reaction!

    I followed the steps you mentioned. Unfortunately the message 'Apple Mobile Device Support wasn't installed on your computer' and ( in Dutch) ' the program found errors before Apple mobile device support could be configured. The system wasn't changed. If you try again later, start the installationprogram again. Choose Finish to close the wizard'


    Too bad.

    Do you have another option to solve the problem?

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    We're into experimental territory now, I'm afraid.


    Can you check something for me? plug your Device in, and then have a look in Device Manager. Even though AMDS is not installed, is an entry for the Apple iPod usb driver appearing in there?


    (Even though the program files aren't there, sometimes bits of old drivers can get "stuck" on systems, which may interfere with AMDS installs.)

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    I found the solution!

    My girlfriend logged in on her Windows account on my computer to check her email. After that I went on trying to solve the problem and searched the computer for apple related programs like the Apple Mobile Device Services. In the cache of my girlfriends windows account I found an older Apple Mobile Device Service in cache. I installed one of them ( version January 2011) and then installed iTunes from the map with the RAR files!

    And.... It works!!! My iPad is now synchronising with iTunes!


    Thank you for your help!

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    Excellent news! Glad you got things working again, and many thanks for reporting back with your resolution.

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    Hi, I'm having the same problem and extracted AMDS advised 18 Jun at 05:10. Tried to installed but could not. Then had look your response on 18 Jun at 06;15 and I have no apple ipod usb driver when I installed my iphone.


    what next?