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I have a 250 MB ATAPI Zip drive, is it possible to connect it to my iBook G4 or PowerBook via USB adapter?

I've a generic IDE/SATA to USB 2 adapter but when I connect it to my IBook nothing happens.


Thanks a lot for any info or suggestion

iBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1.33 GHz/ 1,25 GB RAM/ 320 GB HD/ 400 GB HD FW
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    I assume you are talking about a bare Zip drive, not one already in an enclosure, right? If so, check the specs for your generic USB adaptor to see if it mentions supporting ATAPI devices & as well as ATA/SATA ones. Not all do. If it doesn't mention ATAPI specifically, or say something about supporting optical as well as hard drives, it probably does not support ATAPI.

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    You're right it's a bare ATAPI zip drive. As a I said it's a generic IDE/SATA adapter so it doesn't say anything on the manual or box but I found this on Apple System Profiler under USB Hi-Speed Bus:


    USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge:


      Version:          1.00

      Bus Power (mA):          500

      Speed:          Up to 480 Mb/sec

      Manufacturer:          JMicron

      Product ID:          0x2338

      Serial Number:          EE22D6D52722

      Vendor ID:          0x152d


    I've searching for JMicron 2338 but haven't found the tech specs


    Maybe I need to install iomegaware to install a driver?


    Thanks for all your help

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    It can't hurt to install the iomegaware software & see if it helps. Also, the user tip on this download page might be worth reading to see if it helps.


    One other thought: most USB adaptors intended for bare drives include both a box with the SATA & ATA bridges in it & a power supply box, along with the appropriate cables. If yours does, make sure you are using the power supply & the furnished cable to power up the Zip.