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I have an Apple wireless key board that I use intermittently with my Mac Mini server.  I am about to receive a new iPad 2 and don't want to buy another wireless keyboard to use with that.  Can I pair the same wireless bluetooth keyboard with two Apple devices?  Any tips I should know about? Is it even possible?

MacBook 2.4, iMac 27, Mac OS X (10.6.7), HP Pavilion, Vista 64-bit, Quad core, 8gb RAM
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    After I input the question, I noticed a list of similar questions in a right column.  One of them contained an answer to my question.  Yes, I can pair it with two devices and in order to disconnect/connect, it's a matter of turning on or off the BT for that device.  Thank you all.

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    Ok, I see the disconnect for the iMac keyboard and used it but my iPad mini will not discover the keyboard.

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    Turning it on and off sometimes brings up Admin's keyboard, but it won't pair with it even if moved 20 ft away from the main computer.  When brought back to the iMac it pairs instantly when any key is hit.  What if I took the batteries out of the keyboard? Or is it sleeping when it should be pairing to the iPad?

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    Many thanks. All sorted out.