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Can you put songs onto your ipod from an ipad? And if so how?

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    jared45 wrote:


    Can you put songs onto your ipod from an ipad? And if so how?

    Not directly. You can use the same iTunes account and sync to as many iOS devices as you wish.


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    could u explain how to do that once u are on itunes?

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    Yes you can. You sync the iPod to your iTunes library the same way you sync your iPad. I would transfer purchases from the iPad to your iTunes library. You can connect the iPad, launch iTunes and then right click on your iPads name in the left sidebar and select transfer purchases, then sync the iPad as well. When you do this all of your purchased music should be in iTunes now.


    Then connect your iPod to your computer and sync. Make sure you select Sync Music and then select the songs, playlists or whatever and then sync.

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    Can i take the computer out of the equation and transfer the music from the iPad's iTunes to the iPod?

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    As Stedman stated - there is not way to directly put the mipusic from the iPad on the iPod. You can't connect the teo devices.


    I am not sure how the new iCloud service is working yet but I think you can do this now. (But this would be the laborious way and incomplete way to do it.)


    Go to your iTunes app on your iPod, there should be a tab that says Purchased. When you click on that tab it shows all of the songs that you have purchased from iTunes. There is a Cloud icon next to the song and I believe that if you tap on that cloud icon - it will download to your iPod. But this could take a long time if you want to download every song in your library.


    However, if you have music in iTunes that you imported from CD's, you will still have to sync to iTunes to get that music on to your iPod.


    Why are you hesitant to sync to iTunes? That would be the easiest and quickest way to do it.

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    No one mentioned Home Sharing. You can connect to both devices and download the music on one device using home sharing. iCloud is out already so that will only work for your purchased songs, Home Sharing should work for whatever songs you have on one device you can pick and choose which ones you want to share with the other device. It is time consuming also but you can get your songs on both devices without having to connect either one to your computer. Both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network.