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I've searched the internet far and wide and cannot find anything about accomplishing this correctly.


End Goal: Share Macbook Air's Airport connection to iPad, iPod and iPhone.


I'm getting Wi-Fi from the Hotel for my Macbook ONLY and I want to be able to share that internet connection to my other iOS devices. As they provide no Ethernet (Woulda made this a lot simplier) I'm forced to Recieve connection via AIrport and Share via Bluetooth PAN


Right now I can get my Macbook Air (Oct 11 model) to "pair" with my iPhone but it only stays for 2 seconds. Trying the whole "Share Internet connection" in "System Preferences->Sharring->Share Internet Connection" never seems to work. Going from Bluetooth icon (next to Airport)->(Device Name)'s iPhone-> Connect to Network shows same result.


Could anybody walk me through this, direct me to a youtube video, or any input?


I can't even properly "pair" my iOS to my Macbook. They see eachother and "try" to pair but nothing really ever seems connected :\


Is this Possible? Also, is there any proper way to pair a Mac to an iOS device?

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