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I have this problem. I hate ADOBE ACROBAT READER. I install it when I have to, and more and more it seems that if I want to look at a PDF online, Preview doesn't get the chance because the Adobe Reader butts in and reports that it can't find an Adobe Reader compatible program.


Or that I must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF and do I want to download Adobe Acrobat Reader?


Or something similar.


Is there any SIMPLE way to get rid of Adobe Acrobat Reader altogether once and for all, so that I never have to see it, or use it, or think about it again?


If there is, I would MUCH appreciate a HOW TO because it's making me ill.


PREVIEW is great for what I need, and if I could just get PREVIEW to take over all PDF duties, I'd be fine.


Alternatively, if there's another PDF reader/writer etc. for Mac, I'd pay real money for it if necessary.