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Guys, My iphone's rear camera was working really well until recently. All of sudden rear camera takes pics that are way too blurry (not sure when this change happened). By the way the front camera works just fine.Its a six month old phone. I tried searching everywhere on web but to find no answer. Is my only way is to go to Apple Store?? Someone could help me out here. Feeling so obsessed with my phone right now . Someone guys??

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    Hello mate^ thanks for your reply. I just jumped into an apple reseller and they have confirmed that I have an hardware problem. But I now have bigger problems than I think. They wont accept my phone since I bought in Singapore but using it now in India !! Don't these come with an international warranty being it a unlocked phone why can't they help me get a new phone. Any one has any idea as to how I can proceed with this??



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    This is beyond pathetic and really insulting to us loyal iPhone BUYERS, that apple hasn't cared to fix what appears to be a TWO YEAR long problem with their rear facing camera. I just bought this iPhone a month ago. The camera stopped working within a week! All blurry photos. Some users have posted saying to smack the back of the phone to fix this hardware issue. Are you kidding? How lame and primitive. So now I have to actually bring a camera with me now because my iPhone 4 camera is useless - wow how efficient is that? How innovative! I had an iPhone 3 for two years. It was a workhorse - zero issues. Apple quality has plummeted. I'm told by EVERYONE that they cant understand me when I call on the new iPhone. Its choppy and low volume. I will NEVER buy another iPhone again!!!