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Does anybody know if they are limiting the time you download you past music. I got this message "This computer is already associated with an Apple ID. You can download past purchases on this computer with just one Apple ID every 90 days. This computer can be used with a different Apple ID in 89 days. Does this mean that I have a time frame to download my music?


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • john darshan singh Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem.  I think either it is to prevent people hacking accounts to gain free music or that it has been hacked.


    silly that it can't be reset until the days count down etc

  • peterfromlewisville Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue. I'm waiting to hear back from apple.

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    I've had the same issue - my primary media PC was inadvertantly associated with an old, defunct appleID, and prevented from downloading purchases made on my laptop and ipad. While customer service representatives were kind enough to repost recent purchases to my itunes account, enabling download, there was no option for reseting the association or acceleratig the countdown. I'm still locked out of match, and older purchases aren't available for another 53 days.


    I've expressed my frustration with this restriction in no uncertain (but polite) terms, but I can't help feeling that it felt on deaf ears.

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    Just revisiting this issue - I recently replaced my system drive with an SSD, and did a fresh Windows 7 install. I was pleasantly surprised upon reinstalling itunes that while my PC recognized as already authorized, the fresh install removed my appleID association - so, I  wasn't required to wait the balance of those 90 days, and could freely associate with my proper appleID, itunes Match, etc...

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    I am having the same problem and everytime I email Apple they really never remedy the problem plus I download with a 3G connection which was working fine for me until they added that feature and now many of my songs are downloaded incomplete and then it wont let me redownload them.. its aggravating!!! I am glad I am not the only one with this issue.  If you all figure it out please post it on here.  I only have one APPLE ID and one computer and so I know that its not due to having more than one ID in my case!

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    Are we suppose to create a new APPLE ID in 90 days? 90 days is like 3 months!! thats riddiculious!!!!!  Do any of you have the problem that a song doesnt download completely and then it wont let you redownload it??  Im so frusterated!