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Hi All,


I have a advanced (apples choice of words) server set with OD, DNS, Firewall, AFP and SMB.


11 iMacs all bound to the OD master and all users using Network Homeshares on the main server. I have 3 volumes set up on the servers raid system - a system volume, users volume and a data volume. User Homeshares sit on the users volume in a sub folder. All the working data sits in a sub folder on the data volume, which is shred via AFP and SMB. The server is a workgroup master browser for the SMB service and I have one windows XP client connecting. SMB share is set to inherit permissions from parent and strict locks is enabled.



When using MS office the following madness occurs:


When a OSX creates a file on the data share - no probs everyone can use the file after.

When a user on the XP machine creates a file on the data share - no probs everyone can use the file.

Files created by an OSX user are edited by the XP user the permission get screwed up, and every time the OSX user comes back to it it is marked as read only.


Anyone else seen this, resolved this or got any ideas? Please do not answer stop using XP, it is the bill payer that does and he ain't shifting!!


Any help much appreciated!

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    I'm running into this same issue, but have not found a solution yet.  Files modified by Windows user (Windows 7) on shared volume become read only until manually changing permissions or modifying the filename.  Server is running 10.6.7 Server as well.

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    Sorry to hear you're having the same problem!


    An update, as I have gone insane looking at this one!


    No change having upgraded to 10.6.8. There are a number of solutions posted on the interweb to similar symptoms, but these all seem to relate to windows share points. The windows version of Office seems to handle temp files differently, when the windows user edits the file the temp version shows up (with the correct permissions) until the file is closed, then bang the POSIX permissions are all nuked, the ACLs won't override the POSIX loss.


    I do currently have a crude solution. I have written a simple script that resets the folder permissions (via chmod -R 774 sharepoint) this is run by launchd on the server every 4 mins(no significance, had to pick an interval).


    While a fairly crude way of treating the symptoms, it does not address the cause which I can't pin down. That being said it works really well sor far!


    Hope that is of some help!


    Would really like to hear from anyone who is managing this to?

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    Same problem here, 10.6.8 on XServe in a mixed Mac/Windows network. AFP works quite fine but Windows+Office+SMB is still a catastrophe!

    This problem randomly appears, but only for some users. The same problem was already in 10.5.8 existing – but not as frequent as in Snow Leopard.

    No matter which setting in SMB service is chosen (inherit from parent or applying specific posix) every time an office document is saved the posix are changed in a way that the user has only executable rights (what is strange because this user can still change its own rights via Windows Explorer).


    Workaround: Using batchmod to change the posix of an entire folder including affected files.

    Bu tI’m really, really tired to do this a couple of time a day…

    This script solution is not possible for all share points as we have a backup system that will recognize this as “changed files” with subsequent backup of (potentially) all user data.


    It was a good decision from Apple to discontinue the XServe systems – OS X Server is not an “enterprise operating system”…

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    Sorry I can't be of help. I have mixed iMac/PC workstations with mini server (was 10.6.7) running mirrored 500g drives. One drive began failing and messed up permissions. Apple replace the drives installing 10.6.8. Restored a data-only backup and recreated short list of users & groups. My windows xp had no difficulty mapping the 3 shared folders. My 8 month old Dell (bookkeeping and management) running windows 7 WILL NOT see the shared drives.


    Microsoft Tech Net site sayes that windows 7 no longer supports Windows NT 4.0 which our server OS reliews on and there is no fix. From reading the above posts about the permission issues it looks like windows 7 workstations are seeing and sharing to Mac Servers running 10.6.7, 10.6.8 and/or Lion.


    Can someone  explain how? Much appreciated.

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    Just worked this through with AppleCare enterprise tech though they say that they 'really don't support the windows connectivity.'


    refresher:  Prior setup is a Mini withwith 10.6.7 Server which was no sweat to map network drive from XP or Windows 7 machine.


    Now with new install of Snow Leopard Server 10.6.8, macs and 2 pcs on LAN.


    PC running XP, no problems. Windows 7 machine would not see the network let alone the share points.


    Solution: In Server Admin, selected SMB from services list at left; clicked STOP SMB button at bottom of window; selected ADVANCED tab and then ENABLED WINS Server which had been OFF; then clicked START SMB button.


    on the pc: start menu, computer (to display drives, printers etc.; clicked MAP NETWORK DRIVE at top; don't use the BROWSE button but enter the path this way -- \\\Sat Server followed be FINISH. this is 2 backslashes, server IP address on LAN, 1 backslash, name of Sharepoint EXACTLY as named on the Mini, caps, lowercase, spaces and all. This brought me to the login window for username and password and I was IN!!!


    I hope this helps someone out there. So far there are NO permission problems -- everything is working as it should.