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My iPad didn't have any problem with my home wifi until today. I can connect to my home wifi but no internet. I've tried resetting the network but it didn't work at all. The IP address says 169. still. I've no idea how to fix it. Help please! ps. 3Gs works fine.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
  • Eric Ross Level 6 Level 6 (11,660 points)

    Turn off your Wi-Fi wait 10 sec then turn it back on, if that don't work restart your iPad by holding down the on/off and home buttons until you see the Apple logo. 

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    I've tried both but it doesn't work. Thanks anyway.

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    You can also try reseting the network settings on your iPad


    Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings


    This will erase all stored wifi networks, so you'll need to try and connect to your network again.


    Other reasons for getting a 169 address are: Using the wrong security key when connecting, issues with the wireless router (try another reboot on the rotuer), and wireless interference.



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    I've resetted for second time and type in the security key but it doesn't work still. My iPhone 3GS can connect to the internet with the same wifi right now though. :s

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    I have the exact problem with my iPhone 4. it can connect at home but at my friends house it shows as connected but will not load anything. my friends iPhone 3GS works on the same wifi network.


    I have tried resetting the network settings but nothing helps!


    I'm there a lot so is wasting my 3G usage just because the wifi won't work properly!

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    I get the same issue with my ipad 2. I am able to connect to my home wifi using my ipad 2 and my iphone 3gs but whenever I bring it to work, it doesn't work. My iphone 3gs still can connect to my work wifi but ipad 2 doesn't. I tried everything that is explained in this thread but doesn't work. It says it is connected in network settings but wifi icon doesn't appear on the upper left. Not sure if I need to upgrade its iOS? will that solve the issue?

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    Had the same problem today. Fixed it:) the problem is you entered the password to your local wifi wrong to many times. So u go to settings-then forget the network you are connected too- turn off your iPad- turn it on . Now enter your password and try to make it correct the first time. 100% forsure

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    I am experiencing this same problem! At home all my devices work, but at work my iPhone4 connects to WiFi connection perfectly fine, but the iPad2 will not.   I followed the instructions given by Apple (Network settings>Reset Networks) and restarted the device. Nothing is seeming to work.  Is there an alternative way to fix this? Super-duper frustrating! Also, my iPad2 USED to connect here at work, but all of a sudden won't.  Seems very strange to me...

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    Had the same problem on ipad 2 that we just bought.


    You need to set the ipad up with a static IP address, I had a similar problem with an ipod touch that I had before


    Touch the arrow next to your Wifi Network, touc static and then enter an IP address eg, a Subnet mask, IP address for Router and your DNS (the last two may well be the same.


    It should then connect to the Internet