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Iv been using final cut for years now but for very short films. After six months, I have just wrapped up my longest one which is around 20 minutes long. Its for youtube. Now I am trying to export it, but every method i try fails. If i export as a normal quicktime movie/ make the movie self contained, it takes up to 2 hours and the audio quality on the songs in the film are unbearable bad. If I export it as a conversion to H.246 with AAC audio it seems to take forever. Hours and Hours and Hours on end. And the ending up file size is looking to be ridiculously huge. I wish to use the normal quicktime method if I can, with the make movie self contained uncheck. Does anybody know why the audio fails? Also, if the movie is not self contained, can it still go on youtube? Lastly, if I delete everything  related to the movie except the final cut saved file with the uncontained video still play? and does anybody know why it taking so **** long to export?!?!

Final Cut Studio '09, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    What are your sequence settings?


    What format is your video?


    What system are you running?

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    Export to QuickTime with current settings (same as your Timeline) and self contained.

    Use the resulting master file in Compressor with the YouTube preset to make the uploadable for YT.


    A reference movie (not self contained) requires the presence of the original source files on your hard drive. Deleting, moving or renaming those files will make the reference movie unplayable. You cannot send a reference movie to YouTube.

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    so i just found out my sequence was set to animation. half of my video files are apple intermediate codec, and the other half were run through after effects when i was doing some vfx for them and when rendered out became lossless. I just succesfully exported through quicktime conversion, and everythin was fine except my audio. it was HORRID at some points. explosions came through as this weird low grumble sound, and beats in the song did as well. the export took around 2 hours and im willing to do it agian as long as i get the audio right, cause it sound perfect in final cut

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    oh and im running an early 2008 macbook pro 500 gb harddrive 2.4ghz and 2gb ram

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    Open your exported movie in Soundtrack pro. What does the audio waveform look like? Are there peaks a just lots of flat lines (which means the audio is is hot and will not sound right)?


    What is the footage setting of your footage? (select it and hit comand-9, what is the compressor?)


    Also change your seuqence settings to something else, such as Pro Res LT...