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Iv been using final cut for years now but for very short films. After six months, I have just wrapped up my longest one which is around 20 minutes long. Its for youtube. Now I am trying to export it, but every method i try fails. If i export as a normal quicktime movie/ make the movie self contained, it takes up to 2 hours and the audio quality on the songs in the film are unbearable bad. If I export it as a conversion to H.246 with AAC audio it seems to take forever. Hours and Hours and Hours on end. And the ending up file size is looking to be ridiculously huge. I wish to use the normal quicktime method if I can, with the make movie self contained uncheck. Does anybody know why the audio fails? Also, if the movie is not self contained, can it still go on youtube? Lastly, if I delete everything  related to the movie except the final cut saved file with the uncontained video still play? and does anybody know why it taking so **** long to export?!?!

Final Cut Studio '09, Mac OS X (10.6.7)