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I'm new to MAC OS X and have the following question.


I have a NAS (named 'Fileserver') in my network with 4 volumes on it ('Music', 'Photo', 'Video' and 'General').

I can access the data by clicking on 'Fileserver' in the Finder's sidebar and then clicking on the volume ('sharepoint' as Finder).


I would like to go directly to those sharepoints by having an alias for each one on my desktop.

I tried to create aliases, however, the option 'Make alias' is not available when I option click 'Music', 'Photo', 'Video' or 'General'.

I searched this forum and found discussions which say to try to:


      1. Command Option drag the sharepoint to the desktop to create an alias, or

      2. Press Command L to create an alias and then drag this alias to the desktop, or

      3. Drag the sharepoint to the Finder's sidebar and then Command Option drag the item that gets created in the sidebar to the desktop


I tries al three but none of them worked.

Occasionally (don't know how) MAC OS X displays an alias for one of these sharepoints on the desktop (so it is possible to have an alias to a sharepoint).

Problem is that these "auto created" aliases are gone after I shutdown and restart my MacBook Pro.


Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong and how I can create the alias so it will stay on the desktop, also after a shutdown?


BTW: I'm running MAC OS X 10.6.7


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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)