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I recently did a clean install on my iPhone 3GS after having a minor glitch with the ipod.

The one issue I'm having is that I have selected songs (checked off) in my iTunes 10.3.1 that I want to have only on the iPhone and when I sync the iPhone it imports ALL of the songs.


I have "sync music" checked, did importing the entire music library (including the songs checked that I want to import - thinking only those songs would be the ones to transfer) and checked off selected playlists, etc to see if it would still import only those songs checked off. It still imports most of m y music library including songs that aren't checked off.


Can't figure this out. I checked my iTunes settings and don't see anything specific. I check the preferences and it shows the last 3 iPhone back ups I did.


Any ideas would be helpful. I don't need my entire music library on my iPhone 


thanks in advance   ~A~