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Does the CCK show the entire file system on the SD card (like a card reader that you plug in a Mac or PC) or all the files at once  (like Image Capture on the Mac)?


I need to see the entire file system so that I can easily back up what I want, for example the daily, weekly, or monthly folders that my camera creates, (depending on how I set it up), and keep the same folder structure and metadata.   I already have a card reader that does that - ZoomIt - except that it is very slow.   I am willing to give Apple's CCK a try, but only if it shows the entire file system on the SD card.


I read similar posts, but it is not clear (maybe it shows you the file system only if the root is named "DCIM"?). That would be less flexible than a standard card reader, but still serving my purpose.


Thanks in advance

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