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Recently, wheneven I dock my iPhone 4 into a docking station, it will not play through the speakers. It will charge. I had this checked by the Apple Store and they said that all the settings are correct and there is no damage to the pins. I have tried docking in a Fidelio and and Sony docking station. No sound comes out through the speakers but, again, the iPhone is charging. Can anybody help with this? The Apple person suggested it maybe something to do with the Bluetooth but I've turned that off and on, and it doesn't make a difference. Thank you for any help or suggestions.

iPhone 4
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    Im having the same problem, been serching through here for hours and noboby replys to any of the threads. Have you had any luck since you posted this? Help!!!!!!!

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    Have you checked the Fidelio and Sony are compatible with the iPhone 4 .since for instance earlier Bose  Soundocks are not

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    It used to play on everything, but now its plays on nothig. My wifes iphone plays but mine doesnt. Do you think it could be a setting or maybe a prob. with the phone?

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    Have you tried a reboot

    Hold home+ sleep button down ,ignore slide to off until the Apple logo appears then release


    Generally if you get no replies it will be because now one has a clue with the info you have provided

    ie as in what troubleshooting have you done .



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    Hi bcturner. A few days after I posted, my iPhone started playing through the speakers with both my docking stations. I don't know what I did! I wish I could tell you. I just kept going back to the iPhone settings, changed a bunch of settings and it started working. You could probably try to go back to the original settings. Good luck!

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    Try turning on the docking station or audio system and place the iphone or ipod in the dock and then power off the iphone. Then turn on the phone while it is in the dock.  Finally, press the play button on the system and not the phone.  It should work.  This is how I did the fix for my Brookstone system.

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    My wife's iPhone 3GS had this problem. It would charge in the dock but not play through the speakers of the dock. I got a torch and a pin and cleaned out compacted lint sitting in the iPhone docking socket. The lint was compressed down in the trench and I needed to be persistent to get it out. After that it played just fine.

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    Hold down the home button, which brings up multi-tasking.

    From there, select one of your applications, but instead of tapping, continue pressing the icon application until a "-" sign shows on all your open tasks. Proceed to click on all open tasks until there are none left to close. When you go back in to your and re-connect to the dock, your music should be audible through the speakers.

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    Mine did the same thing last night. I read the replies here and TerjP had the solution. I grabbed a can of compressed air and cleaned out the pins (where you plug the charger into the phone), and also cleaned out the docking station (which was a juice pack external battery I bought), then went to my music and everything started playing. It seems dirt or lint can get into the pins compressing them and it sends a signal that the phone is still on a dock making the phone try to play through external speakers.