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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to develop an automator script that transform a folder with pictures (jpg, png...) to a unique PDF file.

The idea is simple : I right-click on a folder, then I choose my workflow script, then the system creates a PDF file.


I managed to perform the first part of the script : it generates a PDF file called "my_picture.pdf". I use an automator script.

But on the second part, I can not rename this file similar to the "right-clicked" folder name.




This is an example of what I want.


Before :




I right-click on the folder 2011_my_house and I choose my automator script.


After :






My questions :

1) Is it possible to do that with automator ?

2) If not possible, is it possible to call an automator script from the command line ? How does Automator handle the parameters ?



Thank you in advance,


-- Marc

Automator, Mac OS X (10.5.8)