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I have shared my HD project to the media browser, I deleted the event associated with it, I am told source clip is missing - this much I understand.

I am done with editing the project and need to free up some space.

But if I delete the project in iMovie will it still be available for burning in iDVD from my media browser?

iMovie '08, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    No. The Media Browser copies are stored in the Project Package.

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    Thanks for prompt reply!

    OK, so that means I have to leave the project, with all it blank bits, in the project list, in order to ensure that its shared and complete version is available to iDVD to burn copies of in future. But ...


    What if I open the project package and move the .m4v file to my movies folder, and then deleted the project from the project list, would I be able to drop the .m4v file into iDVD to burn at a later stage?

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    Yes, I think that would work. I recommend you go through it once. Make a COPY of the m4v file. Put it in the Movies folder. Give it a meaningful name. Open iDVD. Drag it in. If all is well, go back and delete your project.


    Alternatively, you can use SHARE/MOVIE or SHARE to iTUNES to create permanent copies that you can have even if you delete the project.

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    Thanks, that worked. Copied m4v to movies folder, iDVD / add movie, dragged file to window, et voila!


    Seems funny how sharing to media browser works. Seems to assume that you may want to edit again, so you need to keep your rushes 'live'. In order to finish a project and put it to bed you have to export. Perhaps 'sharing' means 'share current version'?


    Anyway thanks for your help, this is my first time using Apple Support Communities, and I'm impressed. I thought I'd be waiting days for a response!