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     Hi, I  just got a Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse about a week ago to replace my old wired ones. They both work great, however they cause a huge problem. My Internet slows down to the point where I can't use it. Google takes around 10 minutes to load. If I turn the keyboard off and switch to the old wired mouse, pages show up a billion times faster.

     I looked online to see if others had this problem, and some do. They said to try switching the channels from which your router is broadcasting on. I did that, and it worked... for only 20 seconds or so. I did this for all 11 channels, but they seem to last the same duration. I am out of warranty, so Apple won't give me a single tip, and I'm out of things to try. What should I do?


By the way, here is what I'm using:


Mac Mini (I think the earliest edition, 2005)

D-Link Router

Magic Mouse

Wireless Keyboard



Thanks in advance!

Wireless Keyboard/Magic Mouse, Mac OS X (10.6.5)