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Why does my iPad one keep losing connection with my TPG wireless broadband. This happens at random unless I am a few feet away from the router. My old Dell laptop stays connected reliably anywhere in the house.

The connection has always been poor but seems to have deteriorated with the recent upgrades in the OS.

iPad, iOS 4.3.2
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    I was having this same thing happen, although I have a pretty good high speed Internet connection.  However, my iPad was losing the connection especially when I was skyping or streaming media.  I made an appointment at my local apple store and they had it fixed by having me do a restart.   In other words, first you sync your iPad to your computer so you don't lose anything, and then do a total restart.  You do this while its connected to your computer.  However, DO NOT do a RESTORE BACKUP.  You want the iPad to be like it was when you got it.  You'll have to the sync it to get your apps back.


    This worked for me.  I havent lost a connection since!  Hope this works for you!