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My iMac 7.1 - running Snow Leopard and iLife11 - will not open iPhoto when I insert  picture CDs. The CD shows on the desk top as 'Untitled CD' ; open that and it shows as a blank recordable CD. The CDs were all burnt on the same iMac and open on a PC with no problem. The preference is set to open iPhoto with a picture CD. The iMac burns CDs (audio and picture) as well as DVDs with no problem, and will open and read audio CDs and DVDs in iTunes and IDVD. I suspect this fault came up when I upgraded to iPhoto 6, but can't be certain. I've reloaded Snow Leopard and am fully up to date with software. I should add that apart from this, iPhoto works fine. Any help or information would be very gratefully received. Many thanks, Graham.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Right click on the disc image and select 'get info'. See if the disc shows the 6-700MB of data. If the disc doesn't show as having data on it I would assume the discs were not burned correctly. You can also try checking them in the disc utilty.


    Are they CD-R or CD-R/W discs?

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    How was the CD burnt originally? It depends on the format it was burned in; for instance, I just opened iPhoto and clicked on 'burn' - this is the window I got:


    Screen Shot 2011-06-20 at 8.06.21 PM.png

    So you can see it depends on how it was burned.

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    Thank you very much for your reply babowa; picture CDs are normally burnt just for use on my iMac - they won't read on a PC, and they now show as a blank disc on the Mac, although they used to read fine. I use Finder for burning for PC and they open with no problems on a PC, but still read as a blank disc on my iMac. Again, thanks for your assistance. Graham

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    Thank you for your help; I'm using CD-R discs which, after burning and verifying they have content on another machine, show up as a blank recordable disc on my iMac. The 'get info' screen shows ' 8 KB on disc for 0 items ' and, when I move the desktop icon for the CD manually into iPhoto, iPhoto opens but then shows 'unreadable files - unrecognised format' . Ironically, if I put a genuine unrecorded disc in, it opens iPhoto! I can't understand why the iMac is reading recorded photo CDs as blank when they're not, but plays audio CDs and DVDs without a problem. Your assistance is very welcome, thank you. Graham

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    Unfortunately, I may not be able to help further because I rarely use iPhoto (usually use Aperture, Grapic Converter and others) and Photo-to-Movie to create slideshows from photos which I then burn to a DVD which can be played in any player.


    Did you check for the content as suggested?

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    Thanks very much for your help anyway babowa; I did check the content, they are recorded, it's just my iMac which is reading them as blank. Cheers, Graham