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Maybe im missing something, how do I open a project from final cut pro studio in final cut pro x, I see support for imovie import and iphoto...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • mishmumken Level 5 (4,000 points)

    You cannot open older projects. That is not supported.



  • Anthony J Howe Level 4 (1,150 points)

    There is a thread on this explaining the problem.



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    I see this now........such a disappointment, im a early adopter always and im will to go out the way to learn something new and be on the edge. But Apple you have let me down. Now I have to keep the entire old suite on my macbook I have a huge archive of projects archived and clients who need me to keep things editable. Now i will forever have to keep a copy of this old software to be able to open and work with these projects, this is a huge mistake. I love you apple but FAIL on this.. I cant beleve you dont see the issues this will cause. This makes this transition very very diffcult for many people this seems so un-apple.

    No XML really!!!

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    Did you try output XML file and open it in Final Cut Pro X?

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    No xml export in FCX This was supposed to be a happy day they could have left out any feature but this its so so sad.....APPLE WHY WHY leave this out. Could you imaging making a new version of pages that doesnt open pages documents!!!!! Its no different, I would even understand if everything didnt carry over, i would have accepted that but at least allow me to open the project to some extent.


    My only hope


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    This is the dumbest piece of **** Apple has made!

    Wankers I am extremely upset and angry! Anyone know how to get a refund?

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    Hey now you have to really dig in to this app its not that bad if you actually take time and start learning it.

    Its much more robust than it seems at first or even second glance.

    The two issues that are going to hurt them most is no XML and no way to open previous projects.

    Im sad cause the 2 studios are already looking at other options just based on the lack of XML...I worked really hard to sell them on FCP a 3 years ago and now Apple is kinda making me look like a A$$.

    Im trying my hardest to give this a chance if you go thru this course i think some of you (phonax) might feel a little better about FCPX.

    http://www.rippletraining.com/categories/final-cut-studio-courses/final-cut-pro- products/final-cut-pro-10-core-training.html

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    This is INCREDIBLY shortsighted of Apple! The fact that you can't open previous projects essentially negates my last 7 years of work & support of their software. I do 100's of tv commercials a year along with numerous industrial/educational videos & now they won't even let me open it in the new version or app or whatever they want to call it?! WOW,  just wow. Every style I've worked hard to develop is gone. Every project that clients want me to modify because of a change in their project is gone. What would take 2-3 hours to modify will now take days to re-create just because management & software engineers want to make a "bold" statement about FCP being something totally new & re-designed.


    FCP X will never be installed on one of my machines until a way is developed to pen existing projects.


    100% disappointment.

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    That's just the beginning of its problems.  What a horrible pile.