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i am trying to install leopard on my imac g5. I tried using a USB hard drive to use it with but people in this forum said that i couldnt...


my iMac's cd drive does not let me use my Leopard install disk.. it ejects it everytime..


Question.. How can i install Leopard on this iMac??

Can i some how use the USB HD to install it onto my main HD??




Reply by rkaufmann87 on Jun 21, 2011 4:26 PM Helpful

I beg your pardon, you're right I misread that you mentioned Leopard. You may have the minimum specifications however I'd recommend adding more RAM otherwise it will be very very slow. Do you have at least 9GB of available HD storage? Remember Macs need 10-15% of the total HD available at all times. So if you have a 250GB HD it should always have 37.5GB available.

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