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  • Tony Reidsma Level 1 Level 1

    I can't just give up.... but I don't understand something. Perhaps you can help me Tom.

    Screen shot 2011-07-18 at 10.14.41 PM.png


    1: I save all my files on an external and in their respective folders.

    2: I filtered and added keywords.

    3: I created a project and it played fine.


    - I quit the app -


    4: I opened it up and ONLY the video files I used in the project are missing.

    5: I have my project saved on the same hard drive as my original video files.

    6: When I right click the video file in the project > Reveal in finder - The shortcut file plays the original just fine.

    7: When I drag the original back into the event area all it does is duplicate the video file.

    8: When I click on the video file and then Modify Even References all I get is the attached.Screen shot 2011-07-18 at 10.15.03 PM.png

  • hafken Level 4 Level 4

    Thanks for the extra explanation gamashio!

    I tried replacing old footage in event by opening it in timeline and do the same procedure of "Replace".

    But that didn't affect updaing clips in my edit timline.


    So I had to go clip by clip within timeline as I wrote above.


    So yes, the dead footage stays in event and new clip you imported will also stays in event.

    You can replace the offline footage with new clip you imported into the even folder within the timeline.

    So the reconnect process concept is a bit different from conventional way.  It's more like "Replace" instead

    of "Reconnect".


    But at least it can be work-around until hopefully apple fix this problem.

    Ok, last (hopefully) question/clarification -- Are you saying that if I replace the missing media in the event browser, it will not get replaced within project timelines that used clips from that event?


    Instead, I'd need to go to each affected clip within the project timeline and "open in timeline" and do the replace there in order to get the reconnect to work? If so, I wonder what happens for detached / broken apart audio. For me, if this is the work-around, it wouldn't work since I'd have like hundreds of clips in the timeline to "reconnect."


    But I thank you for at least finding a workaround that worked for you and might help others as well!


    I really hope apple restores the relink media function -- I mean, it just doesn't make sense not to allow this. Once media is "missing" or "modified" you are just screwed. How does apple justify that as "helping" us or being an improvement to media management? ugh.

  • Tony Reidsma Level 1 Level 1

    I just noticed that ONLY the clips that I've applied keywords to are not connected, all other clips are still there... hmmmmmmmm.

  • gomashio Level 1 Level 1

    Hi  Hafken-

    Yes... when I tried with replacing clip in event folder, by opening it in timeline and replaced with new clip,

    that didn't affect my edit at all.  (Worth try it again but I remember it didn't work for me.  I didn't close-reopen

    the project file, though.  But I bet that won't change the result... but it's worth try again... they should make it work though.)


    So I tried clip by clip in my edit timeline.

    And in my case it's only 5min sequence with 4 offline shots.

    So it was quite easy.

    But yes, dealing with hundreds of clips is gonna be a problem.

    I'm sorry.


    I feel once you edit the clip in the sequence,

    almost there's no connection between clips in event folder and timeline clips unlike conventional FCPs.


    The only good thing about replacing is for swapping few clips and also keeping

    exact triming/cropping/effects as you had before.


    I hope they will fix bunch of these glitches as soon as possible, too-

  • paolofromrome Level 1 Level 1

    I think I have found a similar but quicker fix:


    1. Go to the directory where the missing clips are stored

    2. Select them all

    3. Drag them in the timeline WITHOUT DROPPING (ie go back with the mouse in the finder window of the open directory so that nothing should happen)

    4. Done! I have seen all the reds disappear


    It worked for me!



  • hafken Level 4 Level 4

    Hi p,

    You are saying that you are basically just "hovering" the original source clips over the timeline, then moving the mouse so you actually have done nothing at all, nonetheless the clips get reconnected in the timeline??


    I thought the iPad was the only magical product apple was selling.

  • paolofromrome Level 1 Level 1


    Looks like a not wanted feature, but very handy / magical workaround.

    Did it work for you?


  • glitchNE Level 2 Level 2

    Ahhh... Media Composer has had that feature, called "Replace Clip" for about 10 years. Keeps all the FX's. Lets' get back to the issue that media goes offline and you can't relink. Also, Media Composer always has allowed you to re-link media or if something falls offline to find it. At it's core FCP or FCPX has serious Media management issues that are frankly...worse in FCPX. Who thought this out? A High School student?


    Good Media Management are essential tools for a professional editor and FCP's poor tools in this regard are the reason it has always been not the tool of choice for the top of course no one trusts Apple so why hitch their band wagon to them.


    They give people what they think they need not what they want.


    They don't listen

  • hafken Level 4 Level 4



    Yes we are all disappointed it isn't in this version, but people have so far tried to come up with creative solutions, which I applaud (even if they don't meet everyone's needs).


    Your post is not helpful, and is factually incorrect. FCP 7 and even FCE made it easy to reconnect media at any time. The whole point of this thread is to try and figure out hot to get it done in FCP X, not bash the product or promote a competitor's product.

  • hafken Level 4 Level 4

    p, i haven't tried it yet since i don't have anything in that state. It's the kind of experiment I'd rather not do unless I have to, you know? So for now, I'm just being extra careful.

  • glitchNE Level 2 Level 2


    Sorry if you didn't think my post was helpful. You must be sick of the FCPX bashing. I will try to be more constructive next time.

  • hafken Level 4 Level 4

    No harm no foul glitchNE.I understand the frustration since I share it. But I just felt you seemed to be talking in generalities, without actual fist-hand experience to contribute to our "misery."


    May I ask what editing software you currently use?

  • glitchNE Level 2 Level 2

    Mostly I use Media Composer. I do use FCP7 quite a lot though. Mostly because it's such an open frame work that is more forgiving on a lot of fronts.

    IE, We have a Matrox MX02 mini connected to our MacPro. In Media Composer I only get monitor capabilities but in FCP7 and Adobe Premiere as well as Encore I get I/O. So very often I capture in FCP and then AMA the clips into Media Composer. That way I preserve TC for the online.

  • hafken Level 4 Level 4

    Cool. Well, your bases are covered then; I doubt you will be using FCP X any time soon, and for good reason.

  • Alan Goodall Level 1 Level 1

    I have just been able to re-connect some media files in FCPX. This may not solve every problem - but I was very relieved that it worked in my case.


    Whilst importing some DV footage via a camera import.  I stopped the import - to move the tape on to another section for import.  FCPX crashed!  I sent the report to Apple.  When I re-opened FCPX to my horror the import of over 1 hour did not show up in my event library!  The file name I had given for the tape was there - but no media!


    But, when I looked in my external hard disk where I store my FCPX media - it was all in the FCPX, Final Cut events/Original Media.  So, I selected the event name in my event library - selected Import files and chose the files from the original media folder.


    Wow - they all imported right away and are now transcoding OK.


    This may not be THE solution for all reconnections but at least it is possibe

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