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  • eric_herts Level 1 (20 points)

    Go back to FCP 7. Don't waste time with FCP X just go straight back to FCP 7.


    Merry Xmas all!

  • Duane Morrison Level 1 (10 points)

    And I thought I was dying losing only 20 hours of edits when my Project lost connection with all the media i was using


    I've tried a number of the solutions posted here, as well as asked questions in a separate thread I created - but it does indeed seem that I'm stuffed! A lot of work lost here...

  • eddymceditor Level 1 (0 points)

    Could you possibly be in proxy playback mode without having proxy media? If so, go to Playback Preferences and set it to Original/Optimized.

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    So, i know this discussion has been going on for a couple months, but i just wanted to see if anyone knew if FCPX 10.0.1 has a solution for dropped events? All of my original media folders as well as the CurrentVersion.fcpevent files are all together on my hard drive. the currentversion file is 14.8MB which tells me that there is media attached to it like an Indesign file would be saved on my desktop (analogy for all you print designers). i had to restart after seeing all the red boxes then i lost everything in my Events window. i just want to know that the folder on my hardrive is totally useless and i need to start 2 days of editing over. Thank you all VERY much.

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    I have successfully reconnected Media in FCPX.


    If you have not altered the media in the events folder and/or renamed any files in the events folder, and you are not using proxy media, reconnecting can be done at the file system level, I had to use a program called Path Finder to avoid having to go into terminal to create symbolic link files.  But you have to have some knowledge of creating or recreating rather the symbolic links to the files which have somehow become unattached...


    If you need more on this let me know and we may be able to talk.

  • christophersPROBLEM Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks B, i think i'm hoping more that there's a way to open the CurrentVersion.fcpevent file in the folder with the rest of the audio and video files in 10.0.1. Would Path Finder be able to reopen the entire event? i tried restarting like someone suggested but i lost the red boxes as well so i don't think there's anything to reconnect to. i'm hoping to just open the dang file. i completely get everyone's frustration now although i did find everything very easy to use...untill it was all gone.

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    Path Finder is actually a program like Finder  but on steriods.  I use it to recreate the symbolic links in a project that FCPX makes for all the media referenced in the Events folder.  Somehow these become corrupted from time to time.


    I like the features of FCPX so much that I went to work one day to find a way to live with this anomaly.


    On several occassions I've had entire projects open back up with Red X's.  So I worked for a while to create and break projects until I found out how to reattach the media in the Event when it becomes unattched.


    It's kind of complicated, and I was working on making a video on it for a new Blog I'm building, but becasue of time, I have not been able to do so as of yet.


    If you want to chat I'd be happy to discuss my experience and show you what I did...  maybe skype and joinme or something...


    Either way...  best of success and Happy New Year.



  • marysplacestudio Level 2 (385 points)

    I figured out the problem in my situation. When FCPX upgraded to 10.0.2, it erased the third party plugins I had installed. So every clip that used those plugins turned red. When I figured out what had happened, I reinstalled the plugs and everything came back.


    This, of course, doesn't help those with a genuine disconnect issue. I really don't think this program should be called "Pro" until some of these very, very basic functions are brought back to FCPX. In fact, a simple video overwrite is not an easy thing to do in this program, which blows me away. The dissolve don't function properly on the secondary storyline, and so getting shots to overwrite on the primary takes a couple steps instead of one, like in FCP 7.


    Alas, I digress.

  • eric_herts Level 1 (20 points)



    I appreciate that you have found a soloution but to be honest shoudn't it "just work"!? I thought that was the whole point of Apple? Futhermore, FCP is clearly a consumer soloution so for now I don't see any point in updating (for professionals).


    Happy Holidays!

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    The problems started when I tried to import ACVHD files from a Canon HG-20. After the import I could not view the files within FCPX, only the finder.


    I read this entire post and preformed many of the suggestions without luck.


    Since being a new user to FCPX, I did not have alot of projects/events so I had no issues with getting rid of everything with a starting clean fresh /Movies folder.


    I moved all my original media files to an external drive for later use, including the entire contents of the movie folder (imovie and fcp folder).


    I attempted to re - import the original media files that I just pulled from the Canon and still had the same problems playing the videos.


    After  quiting FCPX, I then deleted all Preferences files for FCPX in the user and main libraries. I was about to trash FCPX altogether, and create a new user account, reinstall FCPX and try it all over again. But before I logged out, I opened FCPX one more time after the prefs were trashed and when I reopened FCPX, everything was working !


    I hope this helps

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    Man what do you guys think, will they ever fix this, or do you think apple just doesn't WANT us to reconnect media anymore? Because they think, once a link is broken, that's because the file is actually corrupt or something?!

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    There are a few workarounds.


    If your footage goes offline in the events browser, this is the workaround:


    If however, you've edited footage, put effects on it, keyframed it etc. then move it to a different event and it goes offline, this is the workaround (a method which means you don't have to re-keyframe everything, re add you effects etc.:

    If you find the find the location in the events browser where you've moved your footage to, and the same offline clip in your project (if it's inside a compound clip you need to go right down to the base level where the original clip is), you can open the unlinked footage in the timeline (right click on it and selct open in timeline), and drop the moved footage over the disconnected footage. This basically turns the unlinked clip into a compound clip with all your effects build on top, and means you don't have to redo any animation, keyframes, coluring etc.

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    i hope for an replace-media function in the next update ... it's really annoying without ... the here mentioned workarounds doesn't help

  • Arvid Tomayko-Peters1 Level 1 (50 points)

    Yeah - exactly - i have not bought FCP-X just because of that. Its absurd to have a "pro" editor without that.

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