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I have purchased 1351 songs form iTunes and they show up in my Purchased playlist in iTunes on my iMac.  However, If I go to the iTunes Store and click on the new Purchased link it only shows 22 of my purchased songs!  Should I be worried about this or is this just a bug in the new iTunes cloud stuff and all my purchases will eventually show up?  I am using the latest version of iTunes.

iMac Aluminum, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    I'm having exactly the same issue.  I have downloaded around 1800 songs from itunes, but when I tried to download them to my new iMac, it showed that I only have 736 songs (and a couple in that list were songs that I had never purchased--these did not download but stalled the process so itunes could prompt me that I could not download them?????).  I asked a "genius" at the Apple Store about this issue, and he asked around the store.  They asked if I had ever downloaded songs under a different account ID, which would make sense, but the answer in my case is no, I haven't.  They had no idea what to suggest other than emailing itunes support, which I plan to do shortly.  I realize that I can just add the songs from a backup hard drive, but it I hate it when this stuff doesn't work as advertised. 

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    I have the same problem that I noticed with one particular album.