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Hi All,

Have had an interesting day here.  Long story short, my connection to the internet wouldn't hold solidly following the installation of the 5.5.3 airport update.  At this point my solution has been to backup my HD and then wipe the whole drive (partition), and then reinstall the system software from the snow leopard disc. It seems that the update causes some weird problems like this for certain combinations of computers/routers.  Surprisingly i'm using an apple computer (macbook pro) and an apple router (airport express) and still had this problem.  I know it was the update that caused it because on the first clean install I wasn't sure of the cause and actually installed the software update again only to find that even with a totally clean computer, the update caused network failure.  Hopefully apple will come up with a (new) update that fixes this issue but if anyone else is having the same problem or has any idea of how or why this happens I'd be happy to hear about it. 

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    Sorry for the double post.  Just have to add that I spent two hours at the genius bar with my computer and airport express troubleshooting and doing every possible test before they suggested that I do the erase and clean install.  

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    Over the past week there has been countless people having a problem with the 5.5.3 airport update and is searchable on these forums, but said that, the procedure that seems to work for some people is to disconnect you modem from the power source, your router from it's power source and shut your computer(s) down for an hour or two, then in the same procedure (giving your modem time to warm up) plug and turn everything on.


    Hope this helps.

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    Hi I have exactly the same problem as daveevan1 – my airport shows full signal but every 10min or so I have to restart the airport because the connection is dropped (although the airport still shows full signal)


    I tried your solution of disconnecting computer/router/modem for a few hours and it helped for about 24h – now the problem has returned, same as before.


    this started because of the Airport 5.5.3 update – is there any way of downgrading? or any solution for that matter.



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    I've been having alot of problems with this update. I got the update 6/19 and the same day I lost connection to my time capsule. The WiFi works through the TC, but my macbook doesn't recognize the TC neither thru AU or direct ethernet cable. I took everything in to the store & the genius got it working. This lasted a day. After deleting all my past & current network connections, I rebooted and got the back-up working again. That lasted a day as well and so 2 days ago Apple gave me a new time capsule. I was able to do the initial back-up via ethernet, yet I can no longer access the TC after numerous tries of shutting down, etc. Can we reverse back to the previous version before this update?



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    I too have been blighted by the airport Utility upgrade to 5.5.3 my network has not been stable since I loaded this about a month ago.  I've been following numerous blogs on the issue and the majority recommend rebooting the entire network, which works however this can't be the final state...  I'm just wondering why there hasn't been an official notice from apple in relation to this issue.  Is this because the change is some how related to the development of iCloud..  having been a devoted Mac users for 17 years..  this is the first major issue which is persisting and I'm not impressed by the silence from Apple inc. 


    I have reverted to Aiport Utility 5.4.2 and the issue has gone.

    ---> Applications\Utilities\Airport Utility ----move to trash

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    How were you able to revert to the previous version? After rebooting numerous times last night I finally got it working and successfully backed up to my TC. As you said, this can't be a permanent solution. I'm afraid when I get home tonight it'll all be back down again.