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I would like to be able to hook my iPad (first gen) up to the JBL OnStage speakers that I have in the living room, so that I can play music out there by using Home Sharing via the iMac in another room. I have two different mini-plug/mini-plug cables and it didn't work with either of them. I figured if you used the headphone jacks on both the iPad and the JBL's that it would work fine. When that didn't work, I tried doing the same thing using a pair of Bose Companion speakers, again, headphone jack to headphone jack....nothing. I tried again hooking the iPad to my Macbook Pro. Nothing. Does this mean that you can NOT use the headphone jack on the iPad to hook it up to an external speaker source? Can you only use dock speaker systems specifically made for iPad? I don't want to have to purchase a brand new speaker system for the iPad when I already have things in the house. Help!

iPad, iOS 4.3.2
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    Connecting from a headphone jack to a headphone jack makes no sense. That is connecting an output socket to another output socket. Your speakers must have an input socket, which you connect to your iPad headphone jack.

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    It should work.  A mini-to-mini cable connects my iPad to Bose headphones and also to small "no name" speakers.


    Some speakers have their own power, usually batteries.  This enables them to operate with relatively small signals from the iPad.  Even my headphones have a battery.  My hunch is that your speakers are unpowered and consequently require a significant amount of audio power (more than what the iPad supplies) to operate.  They're probably regular stereo speakers for connection to an amplifier.  About the only sound devices that do not require power are the basic ear buds.

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    Actually, I had another look and the input on the JBL isn't a headphone jack, it's an input...therefore it should work.

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    I'm not sure. It is an older unit that I had gotten for my original iPod. It's the JBL OnStage. It has kick-*** sound. If I can't get the iPad to play through it though, I'll have to get something new. I'm considering the Altec Lansing MP450 Octiv Stage unit.