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Eddie Strauss Level 3 Level 3 (990 points)

I have 3 computers I take care of in my house and I try to keep them all up to date and well managed. This morning I repaired permissions on all of them. There were tons after the new Airport Utility install.


In Disk Utility, on the Mac Pro, on the left side where the disks are listed there is a line at the bottom of the HDs and this item I have never seen before:



[disk image icon] Flash Player


Why? It only shows on one of the 3 computers. I remember getting an update notification from Adobe. The path to it as shown in the bottom of the Disk Utility window is


/Mac Pro HD/private/var/folders…. and on and on


the disk image shown under the title of the file is greyed out and indicates 'not mounted'.


Any ideas?

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